WWE Reportedly Gave Superstars Special Drink To Help Prevent Dehydration At Super ShowDown PPV

Last Friday WWE held their third event in Saudi Arabia, as WWE’s Super ShowDown PPV took place in Jeddah.

During the broadcast the announcers made numerous mentions of how hot it was in the stadium, and that it was even hotter down in the ring. Temperatures inside the venue were said to be over 90 degrees with it reportedly reaching over 100 degrees at ringside and in the ring.

These are obviously dangerous conditions for WWE’s Superstars to be performing in, as there was a fear that they could become dehydrated. So, WWE apparently took extra steps to insure that their performers didn’t have any issues with dehydration.

According to a report from Fightful, WWE was said to have been handing out “Hydration Salt Beverages” to their Superstars during their trip to Saudi Arabia. The drinks were said to have “tasted terrible” but it looks like they did their job, helping WWE’s Superstars to stay fully hydrated while wrestling in such extreme heat.

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