HHH Backhandedly Responds To Cody’s Double Or Nothing Entrance

The “war” between WWE and AEW is mainly a war of words between two of the higher ups in said companies. From HHH calling AEW a ‘pissant’ company during his Hall of Fame speech as a member of DX, to the multiple shots AEW has taken towards WWE on their YouTube shows.

The first noticeable and widely talked about anti-HHH move was done at All Elite Wrestling’s first ever show Double or Nothing. During Cody’s entrance for a match with his brother Dustin, Cody can be seen throwing a sledgehammer into a chair, exploding the chair. The sledgehammer is significant because that’s been HHH’s weapon of choice for over two decades. The chair/throne is significant because it was made in HHH style imagery, with crosses and skulls.


HHH had made a few passing comments during media calls but hasn’t outright displayed a retort to the message Cody sent during his entrance. That is until a video on WWE’s Japanese YouTube page emerged.


All the video is is a hype video for the Live events that will be happening at the end of June in Japan. What’s interesting is HHH is sitting on an exact replica of the throne Cody demolished.

On top of this newly released video. HHH is in charge of NXT and NXT UK and NXT UK has announced their next Takeover special is the same day as AEW’s All Out event.

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