Jon Moxley Enters the G1 Climax

In case you missed Dominion 2019 or haven’t checked social media, Jon Moxley created buzz yet again Sunday by declaring he wants New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Climax Tournament. This came after squashing Shota Umino in less than 4 minutes in the opening match of NJPW’s second biggest show of the year.

In this episode of the Squared Circle Psychobabble, Ralph and Michael talk about Jon Moxley in the G1 Climax, CM Punk trolling Social Media and Vince realizing WWE creative is “broken”.

Not only was the new IWGP United States champion the only one to declare their intentions for the summer tournament, but also Shingo Takagi and the newly acquired KENTA. You may know the latter as Hideo Itami of NXT and 205 Live fame who was granted his release earlier this year from WWE.

CM Punk Trolls Social Media Confirming AEW Appearance

It’s been over 5 years since we last saw Phil Brooks aka CM Punk in a wrestling match, or better yet in wrestling period. Now there was that video that came out earlier this year where people claimed CM Punk showed up at an independent wrestling show in a mask and hoodie to interfere in the match, but that has never been 100% confirmed.

Wrestling fans have been hoping, and wishing and praying for a Punk return to the ring since his WWE departure in 2014. Every wrestling fan has at least, posted, liked a post, or shared a post that was related to a confirmation of CM Punk returning to the squared circle. Now Punk is finally answering back and trolling the fans that shout his name at every wrestling show.

He first went to Twitter where he said “OMG AEW Confirmed” after also tweeting about carving an X on someone’s oreo filled belly. Perhaps referencing Jon Moxley’s “Time’s Up” Video for Juice Robinson.

Then he took to Instagram and put the following in his story.

Are we seeing CM Punk trying to hint to fans that he is never coming back to wrestling or actually getting them to think that his return is imminent?

Vince McMahon realizes “Creative Is Broken”

According the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, many WWE wrestlers have said that what Jon Moxley said in his Talk is Jericho Podcast interview is in fact true. The belief now is that it has gotten to a point where Vince McMahon even believes that creative is broken. How can it be fixed. We at the Squared Circle Psychobabble look to find the answers in our newest episode.