Goldberg Said He ‘Knocked Himself Out’ Which Lead To The Problems In His Match With Undertaker

Super Showdown happened earlier today. In an event that was hyped to be “better than WrestleMania”, the only thing the event could be considered better than WrestleMania would be the length of the show.

The main event of the show was Goldberg vs. The Undertaker in a first time ever match. If you were one of the people who watched the match, you could tell that a lot of it seemed off and there were tons of botches.

Apparently this was for good reason. Before the entrances began, Goldberg was in his dressing room. Goldberg’s entrance is usually a bunch of security guards walking him to the ring from said dressing room. After a security guard knocked on the door, you could hear a loud bang. Presumably it’s Goldberg’s way of “hyping himself up” by slamming his head into the door. Goldberg has an obvious wound on his forehead during his entrance because of the aforementioned head butt. It turns out that head butt knocked him out.

If you didn’t get to watch the match. Here is an attempt at The Undertaker’s tombstone and then Goldberg’s attempt at the Jackhammer.

It’s very relieving to hear that neither man was critically injured. Because both of those moves looked like they could break a neck.

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