Ryback Never Wants To Talk To Vince McMahon Again

Vince McMahon runs WWE the way he wants it to and that does not sit well with everyone. This includes Ryback, who is quite vocal about his displeasure with the company and its tactics.

Ryback revealed that Mark Carrano told him that they were going to start jobbing him out on television before he was going to get fired. However, he prevented that from happening.

Ryback took time to heal from his injury and decided to let his contract run out before he left the company. While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, he didn’t have anything nice to say about Vince McMahon.

“I left and I didn’t talk to anyone. I think me and Dolph Ziggler went and got wings at Hooters. I go to St. Louis and I saw the booking for the day and I hadn’t started the new contract they have given me so the games had already started. I just knew I was done. I sat there for a bit and I thought it through fully and I was already pretty close to leaving, I was just waiting. And I said this is it. I went and said what I had to say and they said ‘Do you want to go talk to Vince’ and I said ‘I never want to f**king talk to him again’ and I left.”

While Ryback looks forward to the next chapter in his wrestling career, it does not include WWE and most likely never will.

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h/t to Chris Van Vliet for the transcription.