Was NXT Takeover XXV Better Than AEW Double Or Nothing?

NXT Takeover XXV Review

NXT never seems to have a bad Takeover no matter when or where it occurs. This holds true for its 25th installment which was held at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT. Being from Connecticut, the brothers of the Squared Circle Psychobabble were in attendance for the show. In this episode, they break down each match and whether or not it was better than the inaugural All Elite Wrestling PPV Double or Nothing.

According to our Twitter poll, wrestling fans believed that NXT Takeover XXV was slightly better than Double or Nothing, but when we did the same poll on our YouTube Community Page it was a very different outcome.

Which was better?

It’s hard to really say because they were two completely different shows. One was almost 5 hours with 9 matches and was treated like a spectacle showing a new era of wrestling while the other was 5 matches in 2 1/2 hours showing the world what they do best, wrestle.

If you had to choose, you can easily make the case that Double or Nothing was better. It had the star power of Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and the Elite. It had arguably the best match of both shows between Cody and Dustin Rhodes. It had the moments from Cody smashing the HHH style throne, Jon Moxley appearing and MJF becoming the ultimate heel in a promo exchange with Bret Hart.

On the other hand, every match on the NXT card had a story behind and every match can be argued to be at least a 4 star match on the Meltzer scale. Including the main event of Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole for the NXT Championship which many could say was better than Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho when comparing the main events.

In the end, it’s all up for debate. Whether you liked NXT Takeover XXV better than AEW Double or Nothing or vice versa, let’s just be happy that good wrestling is alive and well.