NXT Recap: Episode 508

Last week on NXT: OH MY GOD IT’S TYLER!! Tyler Breeze has officially returned home. According to HHH, this move is permanent. Which is a great move because Breeze talents should not be wasted and putting him back on NXT will help the roster and the show. Mansoor picked up the win over Sean Maluta in a fun and fast match. Candice LeRae picked up a quick win over Reina Gonzalez and The Undisputed Era had their hands full in a match with Johnny Gargano and Ricochet, but they were still able to win.

After a few weeks, I can safely say that this is the worst intro in NXT history.

Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim

  • This is by far the best women’s feud in WWE right now. Two of the top rising stars, both with incredible fan support, wrestling ability and swagger for days.
  • Mia almost had their first encounter won until Bianca was resourceful and used her hair for support to get he pin. Bianca has never been pinned in NXT and Yim wants to be the first to do it.
  • These women talked some trash and went right into the match, it started off vicious like it should have.
  • The pace is very fast but these ladies are still able to get some cool shit in and play to the crowd. Mia seems more focused than Bianca, and that has a lot to do with how inexperienced Belair is. Mia knows she needs to attack and keep attacking. Even though Bianca is less experienced she is still a major threat.
  • Bianca also knows that she can’t let Mia get any opportunities and is trying to pin Mia any chance she gets.
  • Belair hits a great sequence hat starts with a stalling squatting suplex and ends with Belair telling Mia to kiss her ass. That bit of taunting gives Yim the chance to get an advantage.
  • These women are so even that they can only be in control for a minute or so before the other one gets her shots in.
  • This match has gone from brawling, to wrestling, to one count nearfalls, to signature moves to now two count nearfalls. This match is building at a rapid pace. Mia ends up kicking out at one again which caused Bianca to roll her eyes so hard. The crowd is firmly behind Mia now.
  • This match has been wrestled with a sense of urgency the entire time and really makes it feel like winning this match is the most important thing to these women at this moment.
  • Bianca gets caught in Mia’s finish the “eat defeat” and Belair tries to walk away. Mia comes out of the ring to stop Bianca and Belair is able to do an apron spot on Yim, almost winning the match by count out. This is some great shit.
  • Mia Yim grabs Bianca’s hair and uses it to hit her “Protect Ya Neck” finisher for the win.

And I’m Like… Bianca Belair’s hair is just as much of a disadvantage as it is an advantage. This feud is far from over because Mia gave Bianca her first pinfall defeat in her career. These two women are absolutely killing it. They deserve a Takeover match. Can’t put over this match enough for how much they did and the story they told in this small of time.

This match has all my cares.

We get a replay of Io Shirai going ham on the horsewomen with a kendo stick. This match has had very little build but will totally crush it at Takeover. Doesn’t even have a YouTube video.

Drew Gulak vs. Kushida

  • Kushida’s entrance really makes him feel like a star. I am excited for when he gets a Takeover style entrance. NXT treats their stars so well.
  • The story going into this match is that Drew Gulak is not impressed with Kushida and wants to show us that Kushida isn’t shit.
  • Gulak tries to ground Kushida, but Kushida has trained in MMA for a good portion of his life and won’t let Gulak get an advantage. Kushida can out submission wrestle Gulak, which must drive Gulak crazy.
  • Kushida has an answer for everything Drew is trying and these guys are absolutely even in their abilities.
  • Kushida is able to catch a running Gulak with a hip toss and seamlessly turns it into an armbar. An absolutely amazing move.
  • Kushida gets a flash pin on Drew Gulak to the surprise of everyone.

And I’m Like… What a masterpiece in wrestling ability. If this happened in the AWA it would have been called a “scientific match” which it was. These two are wrestling scientists and Kushida is on an undefeated streak. Gulak is not happy with the outcome.

Io Shirai is interviewed about how she has a disadvantage going into the Takeover match. Io was saying she doesn’t have back up and Candice shows up to say she will be the back up.

Forgotten Sons vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

  • Burch and Lorcan have mastered the fast paced under ten minute tag match. There is less than ten minutes left in the show so I’m looking forward to this.
  • Jaxson Ryker tried to interfere early and the ref threw him out. The Street Profits attacked Ryker on the top of the ramp and then run into the ring… So.. the match is thrown out. The Street Profits get a “thank you profits” chant.

And I’m Like… I can’t wait to watch an actual tag team match, NXT is full of them but lately it’s been a bunch of thrown out matches. This ladder match should fuck hard at Takeover and I’m frothing at the mouth to watch it.

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