205 Live Recap: Episode 131

Last week on 205 Live: Jack Gallagher and Humberto Carrillo defeated The Singh Brothers, possibly becoming an actual tag team in the process. There was a fatal-5-way for a shot at Tony Nese’s cruiserweight championship that Akira Tozawa won. Very short episode.

Cold Open

We see Jack and Humberto watching their match on 205 Live last week. Jack said that he still feels there is unfinished business between the two of them. Gallagher challenges Humberto to a respectful wrestling match. Humberto says it will be his pleasure to win again.

Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis vs. The Brian Kendrick

  • This match is because The Brian Kendrick wants to stand up for Akira Tozawa because The Kanellis’ take advantage of Tozawa and Kendrick is somewhat of a locker room leader.
  • Aiden English and Nigel McGuinness argue over if Maria is a jezebel or not. I still remember the time my buddy said he wanted to name his daughter jezebel, until he looked up the definition.
  • Kendrick starts the match off by going right for Kanellis and within minutes they are brawling to the outside. Kendrick had control until he went back in the ring to break the 10 count. That gave Mike the opportunity to take control and suplex Kendrick right into the barricade.
  • Mike slows the match down in the ring with a chinlock and the crowd is surprisingly clapping for Kendrick. A bit of aA grosspot happens with Brian fighting back but he is put down by a spinebuster and Kanellis resumes control.
  • Mike Kanellis matches usually tell the story that Mike is in control of the match but can never put his opponent away. Then his anger builds and he loses focus, he either loses or Maria cheats to help him win. We are getting to the portion where Mike is beginning to get frustrated.
  • A gross spot happens where Kendrick hits a suplex from the top of the steps onto the floor. The bump is a sickening thud and some people in the crowd enjoyed it. If that isn’t the best explination of 205 Live though, two dudes killing themselves for little to no reaction.
  • Brian gets his Captain’s Hook finisher but Kanellis powers out of the hold without the help of Maria. She was trying to get involved but Kendrick is too smart and keeps Mike nowhere near the ropes. What Kendrick didn’t expect was the strength of Kanellis.
  • A strike battle ensues that goes from chops to bunches to boots to superkicks and ends with Mike hitting a clothesline. Both men are down while Aiden says that no one has been named as number one contender, even though Akira won that match last week.
  • In a surprise, Mike is able to hit his finish and get the pin on Kendrick for a clean win.

And I’m Like… Mike Kanellis just got what could be his first clean win in 205 Live. Maria looks on glowingly as Mike has never looked more focused. This was very surprising and seems to be an evolution of the Kanellis character. I am excited to see where this goes.

Drake Maverick and Tony Nese are talking in the back and wanted a meeting with Tozawa. Nese says his neck is sore from watching the match from last week, because WWE Superstars watch the television from the side. Tony asks for Tozawa in a cruiserweight championship match, but Drake said he will consider it. That damn 24/7 championship has clouded Maverick’s mind.

Daivari is getting looked at by the doctor who said he is heeling up nicely. Daivari then cuts a promo about how he needed six stitches in his ear. He wants to fight Oney Lorcan for busting up his ear.

Noam Dar vs. Mike Karma

  • Commentary talks about how Noam Dar likes to fake injuries to win matches. That fits in with his futball character. Many times on the pitch, players will feign injury to get the other team in trouble.
  • Mike Karma has “Namaste” on his trunks. That’s about all we know about him.
  • The Supernova is toying with Karma and really playing to the crowd. Karma got a few punches in and that’s all the offense he got in.
  • Noam puts Mike away rather quickly and wins the match with his Nova Roller kick.
  • Dar gets an in ring promo about how his “set backs” is from jet lag. He brags about being on NXT UK and 205. He uses some soccer lingo about how great he is. So this is a deepening of his character.

And I’m Like… I guess Noam’s excursion to NXT UK is over and he is back on 205 Live. This was a match to reintroduce Noam to the 205 roster.

Drake Maverick is interviewed by Kayla Braxton who kind of fumbles her words. Kayla looks very nervous. Drake Maverick catches R-Truth out of the corner of his eye and runs away from the interview.

Oney Lorcan cuts a promo on Daivari by saying he will give Ariya another set of stitches.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

  • Humberto comes out and thirsty ass Aiden English goes “mmmmm here we go!” It’s the weirdest thing but I love it.
  • We see a strange instagram post by Drew Gulak and commentary wonders if Drew is losing touch with reality.
  • We hear that Jack Gallagher has really stepped up his MMA training, which ties into the real story of Jack trying to get a fight in Bellator.
  • Jack is rocking his sweet baby blue trunks. Immediately in this match Jack is tying Humberto up like a pretzel using Nigel McGuinness like moves.
  • Humberto quickly gets a submission style move on Jack who rolls right out of it. Some really good ground wrestling here.
  • Gallagher’s unique offense has begun to pop the crowd. Gallagher before WWE was one of my favorite wrestlers, and he is starting to bring his old style of wrestling back in 205 Live.
  • Gallagher pops the crowd with his World of Sport style top rope headstand. Humberto shows off that he too can stand on his head on the top rope and Jack has to come off the top rope and shake the ropes near Humberto to drop him down.
  • While some great back and forth wrestling happens, Aiden mentions that Humberto was an actor in some telenovellas in Mexico. Dude does have some movie star good looks, especially with those dimples when he smiles.
  • Gallagher went from having fun and ground wrestling, to getting a bit frustrated and turning this match into a brawl. This match is building very well.
  • Carrillo is able to pose a bit of a comeback after Jack worked over Humberto for over five minutes. Humberto is able to hit tons of high flying offense while selling his arm. It’s beautiful.
  • As these two wrestle, I am reminded that Carrillo and Gallagher could quite possibly be two of the best in ring wrestlers on the whole WWE roster. They get it. How to make things look real, the little bits in between the moves, the selling and story telling.
  • There is the obligatory battle on the top rope and Jack is able to get a top rope back suplex in. That would have won the match but Humberto rolls to the outside.
  • Jack rushes Carrillo who hip tosses Jack into the barricade, it looked like it was planned to take the barricade down but Jack sickly lands on his head.
  • Carrillo gets a great nearfall after a handspring Japanese arm drag. Carrillo is still selling the arm while climbing to the top rope, Jack is able to reverse the top rope moonsault and takes control of the match as he picks up the pace.
  • Jack’s ass is sweaty and a little poop stain mark is showing on his baby blues, that’s too bad.
  • A strike battle takes place as the crowd is reacting to every move now. We are almost 20 minutes into this match and Jack goes for his stalling suplex. He doesn’t have the strength to hold it up and Carrillo reverses into a DDT. Then hits the Aztec Press for the win.

And I’m Like… I dare you to find a better WWE match this week. WOW, that was some good shit. Two of the best showing off their craft right there, after the match both men look each other in the eye and Carrillo offers a handshake. The crowd starts applauding and are happy to see the handshake and hug. Great shit.

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