24/7 Championship: What Happened on Smackdown and 205 Live?

After being disappointed in what took place Monday night on Raw regarding the 24/7 Championship, I was looking forward to last nights WWE programming, hoping that it would provide me with the 24/7 Championship content that I was looking for. Seeing as how Tuesday nights in the WWE universe provide fans with both Smackdown and 205 Live, I was really hoping to see the belt cross over in some way, shape, or form on both shows. Praying that I would not be disappointed, I tuned into both shows, as well as social media before and after the shows, to see what was going to take place.

Before Smackdown

As always, Drake Maverick was the driving force for content before Smackdown yesterday. Yesterday morning Maverick Tweeted out a picture that was a map of Tulsa, OK (where Smackdown and 205 were held yesterday) and in the corner of the map was a picture of Maverick’s Wanted poster of Truth. With the photo Maverick Tweeted out the comment,

“If @WWEUniverse has any information make sure you ‘@‘ me on social media. I have received intel that @RonKillings is in Tulsa, OK for #SDLive #RunTruthRun #WWE @WWE #SDLive #Maverick247”

Looking for any and all help that he can find, Maverick continued his search. The next Tweet that Maverick put out on social media was a slideshow of him taking photos with his Wanted posters behind a red curtain backdrop. With the slideshow, Maverick Tweeted out,

“If anyone at the @BOKCenter can help – ‘@‘ me on social media #RockTheBok #WWE @WWE #SDLive #247Title”

Later in the afternoon, Drake Maverick responded to a Tweet that Carmella had tagged him in. Carmella’s Tweet had said,

“Go home Maverick. 😑.”

This Tweet had been in response to his Tweet earlier in the day about getting information on Truth’s whereabouts in Tulsa, OK. Maverick responded to Carmella’s Tweet by saying,

“I HAVE NO HOME NOW. #Maverick247”

Right before Smackdown was about to begin Maverick posted one last video where he was interrupting other WWE Superstars interviews, handing out his Wanted posters, and asking if anyone has seen Truth around the arena. He also went up to other fans throughout the arena asking them the same questions and handing out Wanted posters.

During Smackdown

During Smackdown things were all about the 24/7 Championship. In the beginning of the show, viewers saw R-Truth and Carmella running around the arena trying to get away from other WWE Superstars. When it seems they are safe, Carmella talks to Truth about how they must keep running because people are after the belt. Truth tells her how he knows and explains how he has been on the run ever since he became champion, going so far as to say he was even being chased while he was at the dentist. Carmella and R-Truth hear a noise and decide to run and hide. As they’re hiding out, viewers see Drake Maverick backstage handing out flyers and asking people if they have seen R-Truth. Truth, thinking it is safe, comes out from hiding and bumps right into Drake Maverick. He goes to help Maverick pick up the posters when their eyes lock, before Maverick can do anything, Truth throws the Wanted posters in his face, and he runs away with Maverick close behind him.

It wouldn’t be until the segment entitled Shane McMahon appreciation night that fans would see some action with the 24/7 Championship again. Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre, and Elias are celebrating when R-Truth comes running out of the crowd with Maverick and a referee close behind him. Everyone makes it into the ring and Truth starts taunting Maverick telling him if he wanted the championship he should come and get it. This ended with Maverick being pinned by Truth and Truth retaining the championship. There was little time to celebrate though as Shane, Drew, and Elias started attacking Truth, which led to Elias pinning R-Truth and becoming the new 24/7 Champion. At the end of the match, it was decided that there would be a Tag-Team match between Elias and Drew McIntyre versus Roman Reigns and R-Truth.

While other things were taking place on Smackdown, Maverick took this chance to head to Twitter and make his own comments about what just took place. Maverick Tweeted out,

“I guess I’ve gotta print some different flyers now? 😔 #WWE @WWE #Maverick247 #SDLive”

Maverick then went on to post his “new flyer” which had a picture of Elias posted over R-Truth’s face and Maverick went over Truth’s name with a marker and wrote Elias. As Smackdown ended, it was time for Elias and Drew McIntyre versus Roman Reigns and R-Truth. The Tag-Team match ended with Roman Reigns and R-Truth defeating Elias and Drew McIntyre. As Elias was on the floor Reigns got Truth’s attention and helped him to pin Elias making R-truth, 24/7 Champion for the second time.

After Smackdown/ During 205 Live

After Smackdown, Maverick took to social media quickly before 205 Live to post his old R-Truth Wanted posters with the caption,

“WASTE OF PAPER. As you were… @RonKillings #WWE @WWE #Maverick247 #SDLive”

It was time for 205 Live. Since Drake Maverick is the general manager of 205 Live, he had business to attend to but the search for the 24/7 Championship never stops. During a backstage interview that Maverick was doing, regarding who would be going up against the current 205 Live Champion for the championship, Maverick paused midway through the interview when he saw a hobbling R-Truth out of his peripheral vision. As soon as R-Truth started to run away, Maverick stopped the interview, and ran after Truth, which is how the night ended for the two-time 24/7 Champion and Drake Maverick.

In all honesty, I was so happy to see WWE show proof that they would be extending the championship over to other brands besides Smackdown and RAW. It has given me hope that they truly will be doing interesting things with this 24/7 Championship and that it will not just be on the WWE Superstars and their social media to keep things interesting. It will be interesting to what will happen should the 24/7 Championship make its way over to NXT or even NXT UK. I know I’ll be watching and updating you all as things continue to happen in the WWE Universe with the 24/7 Championship.

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