All Elite Wrestling vs WWE: Which is MORE Like WCW?

In the Case of All Elite Wrestling

It’s obvious that as more news have been revealed about AEW, many wrestling fans have made the comparisons to WCW. Both were financially backed by a billionaire who own a sports team. For WCW, it was Ted Turner once owner of the Atlanta Braves. For AEW, it’s Shahid Khan current owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars

The case can also be made that a member of the Rhodes family has their hand in the creative. Once upon a time, Dusty Rhodes was head booker for WCW. Today, Cody is one of the Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling.

Of course, the most obvious similarity of the two would be where their weekly broadcasts will/were viewed. During the infamous “Monday Night Wars”, Monday Nitro aired on TNT from 1995 until they were bought by WWE in 2001. Starting in October, All Elite Wrestling will air on TNT, most likely on Tuesdays.

In the Case of WWE

Over 20 years ago, WWE and WCW were bitter rivals for ratings supremacy. Doing whatever they can to make sure wrestling fans would tune into their programming. Thanks to that it brought us the nWo, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Chris Jericho and so much more.

However, during the tail-end of the “Monday Night Wars”, Nitro’s ratings were slipping and creative was getting worse and worse because of creative control given to guys like Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash. Wrestlers past their prime would stay in the main event picture and it would limit the low ceiling of up-and-rising stars of WCW. This would lead to eventually departure from WCW and the arrival into WWE for many guys. This includes Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and the Big Show.

Fast forward to 2019, WWE can’t get out of their own way and are having a tough time “creating new stars” despite having arguably the best and deepest roster in the company’s history. Ratings are dropping to all-time lows almost on a weekly basis. Multiple reports of superstars frustrated with their booking and position in the company. Wrestlers getting paid to just stay home and having their contracts extended! This has resulted in some like Dean Ambrose, now known again as Jon Moxley, to leave WWE when his contract expired to show up at Double or Nothing.

So the Question is…

Who is more like World Championship Wrestling?

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