Weekend Antics for R-Truth and Drake Maverick

While most people take the weekend to kick back and relax, wrestling fans all over the world were doing the complete opposite. AEW’s show Double or Nothing was streaming this Saturday and that was what most fans planned to do with their weekend. However, R-Truth and Drake Maverick had other plans and made sure that all eyes continued to be on them and the 24/7 Championship throughout the weekend.

Friday Fun Day

Things kicked off on Friday, May 24th, with R-Truth being the first one to give fans an update on social media. Truth posted a video on Twitter of him and his daughter, sitting in the car. His daughter is holding the 24/7 title, showing it to the audience. In the video his daughter tells him how he needs to be going to the gym, and sleeping so he doesn’t get tired, that way he can keep the belt and wrestle anyone who should try to take it from him. Around 10:30 am Maverick put out his own Tweet in which he stated,

“Once again on the hunt for @RonKillings Update you all in 20min… #Maverick247 #WWE @WWE #247Title #RAW #SDLive”

True to his word, Drake Maverick than posted a video where it appeared that he was in some sort of mall. He then told the camera that “the hunt never stops” and he was continuing to be on the hunt for R-Truth stating, “he could be anywhere.” He then proceeded to post his wanted posters all over the mall and ask random people who were shopping if they had seen R-Truth there. Maverick even goes so far as to have mall security radio in asking if any of them have seen Truth. He ends the video frantically asking Truth where he is.

Around 2:30 in the afternoon on Friday, May 24th fans received another update. Truth Tweeted out,

“As Champion of the European #247Title 🤔 Im feeling the need to address the #wweuniverse with a press conference. This is what European Champions do 24/7.  We will rise together as 1 universe and Stand for Truth! Plus I need to get some stuff off my chest.”

In response to this, Drake Maverick then Re-Tweeted R-Truths Tweet and added a comment of his own simply stating,

“Where is the press conference? #Maverick247”

While the rest of May 24th was silent from R-Truth, Drake Maverick felt the need to point out in a Tweet that,

“I haven’t changed my clothes since Monday 20 May 2019. #Maverick247”

Updating his fans on his personal hygiene seemed to be the last they would hear from Maverick on Friday.

On Saturday’s Truth Sings

On Saturday morning it was fairly quiet for both R-Truth and Drake Maverick. Maverick continued to encourage the WWE universe and fans alike to Tweet him should they have any updates or news on R-Truth, the 24/7 Championship, and both their whereabouts. However, around 3:30 in the afternoon it was R-Truth who came out with his own message first. In his newest video post, he is holding the 24/7 Championship belt. At first, the video shows just the belt, wearing a cowboy hat and mens sunglasses, while R-Truth is sporting his own cowboy hat singing his own re-mixed/ new lyrics version of the current hit song “Old Town Road.” In the video he briefly mentions that he is in the desert somewhere with the belt and that his plan is to continue to run as long as possible. There were some great Re-tweets, including one from Carmella, where she Re-Tweet the video and then added her own comment to it saying,

“Aaaaand this is why you’re my best friend. 🤠”

However, fans all knew that it would only be a matter of time before Drake Maverick responded. He Re-Tweeted the video as well and added his own comment to it asking,

“Are you in Dayton Beach, FL?? #Maverick247”

R-Truth has yet to comment back to any of Maverick’s Tweet’s officially including this one.

Sunday Truth Rests

Unfortunately, the WWE universe and fans would not hear from R-Truth at all on Sunday. This did not stop Maverick on his manhunt. In fact, Maverick ended up posting three videos in which he documented how he spent his Sunday. With the first video that Maverick posted, he Tweeted out the comment,

“Part 1/3 – Steal a cameraman… On the hunt for @TheRonKillings at @WWENXT Daytona Beach, FL #WWE @WWE #RAW #SDLive #NXT #Maverick247”

In the video, there is a reporter talking about the fact that they are taping NXT tonight. When she stumbles upon Maverick, she asks what he is doing, and then he informs her and the audience that Truth could be here because Mick Foley clearly stated that the title could be defended anytime, anywhere, including on NXT, 205 Live, Smackdown and Raw. When the reporter mentions that she might have seen someone in a blonde wig earlier, Maverick then takes the cameraman away from her, and takes the cameraman with him so that he will have documented footage to prove that he has defeated Truth for the championship. When the cameraman points out the fact that he would still need a referee there when he does take the championship, Maverick simply states that they will work on that.

The second video that is posted by Maverick states in the comment,

“Part 2/3 – Taking it to the streets… The hunt for @RonKillings at @WWENXT Daytona Beach, FL #WWE @WWE #RAW #SDLive #NXT #Maverick247”

In the video, viewers see Drake Maverick walking into a sporting goods store and buying a referee shirt. The next clip that viewers see is Maverick in parking lots, on the streets, and even in the middle of traffic/ crosswalks at points, asking people if they have seen R-Truth. This leads to a bunch of nos from different people, which is how the second video ends.

The third and final video that Drake Maverick posted on the 26th, came onto Twitter with the caption,

“Part 3/3 – Don’t trust anybody On the hunt for @RonKillings at @WWENXT Daytona Beach, FL #WWE @WWE #RAW #SDLive #NXT #Maverick247”

In this video, yet again Maverick is handing out flyers asking people if they have seen R-Truth, which leads to a funny moment with him and a fan, who claims he will be the next 24/7 Champion not Maverick. This only upsets Maverick more, leading to him saying he would win because he was wearing the Maverick 24:7 shirt, and this man was not. This leads to the crowd chanting R-Truth as Drake Maverick walks away saying, “you can’t trust anyone.” The video ends with Drake Maverick at the airport in Daytona Beach saying that the trip was useless, and he had no luck finding Truth while he was there. He goes on to say that he received some Intel from his Twitter/ Twitter followers saying that Truth would be at Raw on Monday in Kansas City so that was where he was headed next.

This whole weekend led to quite interesting interactions between both R-Truth and Drake Maverick before, during, and after RAW this past Monday. Be on the lookout for the next article regarding what happened before, during, and after RAW yesterday later on tonight on bodyslam.net!

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