Conflicting Reports Regarding Sami Zayn’s AEW Namedrop On RAW

Last night on WWE’s Monday Night RAW, Sami Zayn participated in the “electric chair” segment. During the bit there was a moment when Sami Zayn appeared to go off script and dropped mention of AEW.

The segment and AEW mention by Sami Zayn was discussed on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, and Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez appeared to have heard different things about the segment.

It is also interesting that apparently WWE Superstars backstage were told that the spot was not scripted. The mention of AEW from Zayn has also been pulled from RAW’s replays and uploads. However, if the line wasn’t scripted an intended for TV then it never would have made it to air in the first place, and Zayn would have been fined and or suspended.

When discussing the AEW name drop, Meltzer said:

“The AEW line was scripted then they pulled it from the video afterwards and I actually asked someone what’s going on and it’s just like all I heard was ‘it was so f*cking stupid.’”

“Okay, if it’s not scripted then [Sami Zayn] is gonna be suspended. If you go against the script on live TV and say AEW they’ll suspend you for sure. They’re not going to fire you because they won’t fire anybody, obviously.”

“I was just told and the person who told me should know because it’s in the meeting.”

Bryan Alvarez then added that he was told by somebody “who should know”, but that he heard a different story than Meltzer. Alvarez instead said that he was told Zayn went off script. This in turn makes it apparent that WWE is “working the boys” by saying that Zayn’s comment was not scripted, when in fact it was.

This brought out a reply from Meltzer where he mentioned that he could “definitely see how we’re going to be in an era like that”, when they were talking about how WWE is telling their Superstars that one thing is going on when clearly that wasn’t what happened.

“I can definitely see how we’re going to be in an era of that. I can definitely see that everywhere that we’re going to be in an era like that which turns into the era of mistrust I’ve been through this one before too and it’s you know, you go in that era with the idea of instead of trying to come up with ideas for business we’re trying to come up with things to fool people.”

“To me you don’t lie to the boys because they’re always… if you lie to the talent it’s one thing to sneak a guy in without telling anyone that happens all the time, but to go in there and constantly try and work the boys […] nobody trusts anyone and it becomes a really bad environment.”

We will keep you updated if we hear anymore about last night’s AEW name drop on RAW.

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