NXT Recap: Episode 507

Last week on NXT: The Viking Raiders tried to relinquish their championships because of main roster obligations. Street Profits wanted a shot so they wrestled the Raiders for a few minutes until the entire tag division came out to fight. That led the Raiders to dominate and relinquish the championships. Keith Lee destroyed Cezar Bononi. Kushida defeated Kona Reeves in a match that didn’t seem to be too hard for Kushida. Vanessa Borne quickly dispatched Jessie in what was barely a match. That was it, that was the show.

Cold Open

A recap of the convoluted tag title scene. William Regal lets us know that after last weeks events we have no tag team champions. That means there is now a four way ladder match at Takeover XXV for the vacated championships.

Undisputed Era Promo

  • Why does NXT start off with a promo every week now? They used to always have a match to get us started. I don’t think copying the main roster is the way to go.
  • Adam Cole gets his name chanted during the groups entrance. All members wear Undisputed Era t-shirts except for Cole, Adam wears an Adam Cole t-shirt. It’s crazy that Kyle, Bobby and Roddy are all cool with being henchmen.
  • Cole says he will take the championship from Gargano and that brings Johnny out.
  • Johnny Gargano has a mic and agrees to the match between him and Cole for the NXT Championship at Takeover. Johnny wants Adam to face him on his own and not with his lackeys at ringside.
  • Adam says he pinned Johnny first in their match. Johnny explains math to Cole. Adam Cole is very upset and screams “shut up Johnny”.
  • Matt Riddle shows up and attacks the whole ass UE. Johnny runs in the ring to help out and Riddle and Gargano empty the ring. This sets up our main event tonight. Riddle and Gargano vs. two members of the Undisputed Era.

And I’m Like… Okay, even though I am down on starting the show with a promo. This segment was pretty good. The crowd was happy to see it to. NXT does main roster television better than the main roster.

Sean Maluta vs. Mansoor

  • Sean Maluta looking more like an Uso everyday. He is part of the Samoan Dynasty though. I LOVE that he comes from Shaolin, New York. NXT loving Wu Tang Clan is something I am here for.
  • Mansoor is a rising star in NXT and I am also here for that. Mansoor has the ‘IT’ factor that superstars need.
  • I hope to find out more about who Mansoor is in NXT. I liked him in Hoodslam so much.
  • Maluta hits a top rope codebreaker and then quickly goes into a neck crank. The crowd knows what to do and claps in support of Mansoor.
  • Mansoor hits a gorgeous snap German suplex and then show off his high flying ability by hitting a slingshot neckbreaker. Follows that up with a twisting reverse suplex for the win.

And I’m Like… Mansoor is building momentum and climbing the ranks of NXT. I’m excited to see where he will be a year from now. Dude is definitely going to have a coming out party at one of the Saudi Arabia shows.

Queen Cathy is backstage and gets word from William Regal that Kyle and Bobby will face Riddle and Gargano tonight. Also at Takeover is Roddy vs. Riddle. Not sure if that will be on the main show or the Takeover:Hangover.

Velveteen Dream Promo

  • As you can see in the video, Tyler Breeze is back in the promised land. I saw him at a NXT Live show and the crowd loved him. I find myself putting Tyler Breeze in my top ten wrestlers I enjoy the most currently. I don’t know if it’s the goodwill from his NXT career, the Fashion Files or his use on the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel. Either way, I am all about this feud.
  • When Dream was talking Tyler’s music hit and the crowd LIT UP! How is this guy a star everywhere that Vince McMahon isn’t. I think the old man just doesn’t get it anymore.
  • “Breeze is Gorgeous” chant breaks out. When I took my buddy who has never watched wrestling to NXT Live. Chanting “Tyler’s Gorgeous” was his favorite thing.
  • The crowd chants “Welcome Home”, Tyler says “Prince Pretty is home” and the crowd erupts.
  • Breeze talks about how he was where Dream is at now when Tyler was in NXT. He says NXT is lifeless and calls Dream a cheap knockoff. Tyler is the Highlander and tells Dream “there can only be one.”
  • It’s crazy how Dream is beloved but Tyler takes all the love back instantly. Then there is a battle of words and the crowd is torn.
  • Dream ethers Breeze about his main roster accomplishments, Breeze isn’t flustered and spits flames right back at Dream. Tyler is here to become North American champion.
  • Velveteen says that Tyler needs to get to the back of the line because he forgot how NXT works while sitting in catering on Monday and Tuesday nights.
  • Dream tells Tyler to take a selfie with Velveteen, as Tyler ponders it, he decides to take a selfie. Tyler says “when you write your phone number on your trunks, and nobody calls you up… It’s because no one is interested”. Then Breeze lays Dream out.

And I’m Like… THIS IS THE CONTENT I AM HERE FOR!! Give me this feud every week please! Good God I am ready for all of this.

Tyler gets a backstage promo with Queen Cathy. Tyler calls himself a NXT OG an “Original Guy”. He just came out to show Velveteen who he is.

Candice LeRae vs. Reina Gonzalez

  • Reina is gonna be a force sooner rather than later. Female Stan Hanson is the best character. Even though her theme song sounds like Vanessa Borne’s without the lyrics.
  • Candice is featured more on Being The Elite more than NXT lately, but she is on the come up.
  • Reina towers over Candice and brutalizes her at the beginning of the match. She even does the overhead wristlock, which years ago I dubbed the “NXT Lock” because all the debuting talent that came through the Performance Center used that hold in a match.
  • Candice tries to use her speed and agility but Reina is too strong. Candice ends up tossing Reina to the outside due to her ring positioning. Candice knows this could be her only chance to keep the advantage so she attacks.
  • Once again Reina catches Candice and the match is structured in a way where it’s hard to logically find a way for Candice to win.
  • Candice just keeps attacking and Reina is overwhelmed. LeRae is able to hit her lionsault for a quick victory.

And I’m Like… Candice’s tenacity won her the match. She just did not give up and kept fighting, Reina isn’t skilled enough to know how to combat it. Then Shayna and the Horsewomen show up to beat Candice down. Io comes out with a kendo stick and whips the shit out of the horsewomen. Io is the MOST badass here. Wearing a leather jacket and breaking the kendo stick over the horsewomen. Great shit.

Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish vs. Johnny Gargano and Matt Riddle

  • It’s amazing how Matt Riddle is the total package. He is unanimously a future Wrestlemania main eventer. Really want him and Brock before Lesnar retires, whenever that happens.
  • Riddle has the modern DDP rib tape going on. Some K-Tape on both sides of his ribs. Selling the assault from Roderick Strong.
  • Kyle and Johnny start the match off with some good chain wrestling.
  • Early on Kyle’s triangle choke gets reversed into the Garga-No Escape but Johnny couldn’t lock it in. Bobby tags in and begins to wear Johnny down.
  • Undisputed Era turn their attention to Matt Riddle, even though he isn’t the legal man. Johnny seizes the opportunity and takes Fish out with a kick to the face. Amateur hour by UE right there.
  • Riddle gets tagged in and Johnny and Riddle are able to work together to take Fish out.
  • Riddle lands a bunch of kicks to Fish’s chest. Since Matt wrestles barefoot, I have to wonder if he takes great care of his toe nails. Cause if those shits are long, they are gonna cut some opponents up.
  • Even though Riddle’s ribs are taped, he is able to hit the rolling gutwrench suplexes on Fish and then on O’Reilly. So… I guess his ribs don’t hurt that bad.
  • Riddle drops Fish and holds his back while Nigel says it’s the ribs, a bit of a disconnect there.
  • Now Kyle and Bobby are attacking Matt’s ribs and really building sympathy for Riddle. Crowd is firmly behind Riddle, just waiting for Johnny to get that hot tag.
  • Riddle is able to hit the ripcord knee strike and that gave him enough time to get the hot tag in. The crowd didn’t react at all though. They reacted when Johnny hit his offense so that is all that matters.
  • Gargano is a bit overwhelmed by the relentless attacks from Undisputed Era. Riddle is still recouping but Johnny is able to fight through the double team moves, even when Kyle and Bobby hit “Chasing the Dragon”.
  • Riddle gets in the ring and hulks up. Hitting a slew of suplexes and strikes. Now chaos ensues and all the men are in the ring and they are all hitting big moves.
  • Riddle and Fish engage in a strike battle that Riddle ends up winning. Matt is taking on both Undisputed Era members.
  • Adam Cole comes out to interfere and so does Roddy. Even though Adam was just complaining last week that Roddy interferes too much. Undisputed Era hits Total Elimination on Riddle and gets the win.

And I’m Like… That match was a lot of fun but of course the Undisputed Era had to get the heat. The heroes are left laying and Undisputed Era shows that there is strength in numbers. This was a quick episode of NXT that packed a lot of in the hour they had.

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