Miz and Mrs. : Road Trip Mania

It’s WrestleMania weekend, which for any WWE superstars is crazy in and of itself. However, for Miz and Maryse this year WrestleMania brings even more challenges than it has before. Maryse has just had their first baby, Monroe, and on top of that The Miz and Maryse are getting ready to start their road trip to Texas so that they can move into their new house. It would be foolish for anyone to think that all these plans would run smoothly and without a hitch, it would be chaos, and in episode five ‘Road Trip Mania’ viewers have a front row seat to see exactly how chaotic all of this can be for The Miz and Maryse.

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

When the episode opens up, viewers are informed that The Miz is going to WrestleMania this year, for the first time since they have been together, without Maryse. Maryse is staying home with Monroe packing up Chateau MarMiz. Even though The Miz has hired movers already to help pack and organize the move, Maryse feels more comfortable being there with the movers and helping them. Since Maryse will not be with him, she has decided to watch Mania on their TV while she continues to get things ready for the move. However, Maryse runs into some problems with the TV while she is trying to watch WrestleMania and has to actually Face Time The Miz right before he is about to have his match so that he can walk her through a step by step tutorial on how to fix the sound on the television. Later on, in interviews, The Miz blames this for the reason he lost his Mania match as a joke. However, The Miz and Maryse should have known now that nothing was going to go right for them for the rest of the week after this first incident.

It is after Mania and it’s moving time for Maryse and The Miz. As they are getting ready to leave, they soon realize that the bus driver cannot fit up their street and into their driveway. This means that Maryse and The Miz now have to walk up the street to their bus that they are taking with Monroe and all of their animals to get to the bus. Throughout the walk up the street, The Miz continues to blame Maryse for this, seeing as how she was the one who had wanted to take the bus in the first place. They say their final goodbyes to Chateau MarMiz as they pull away from the street giving the audience a very nice moment as The Miz and Maryse move forward with their lives, while saying goodbye to huge part of their story. However, it is not long before that moment is gone, and The Miz informs Maryse and Maryse’s Mother that there is a very strict schedule that they will be following so that they can get to Texas on time.

On the Road Again

At this point in time, the show starts to break down The Miz and Maryse’s trip by hour intervals. They are two hours into their trip, and everything seems to be running smoothly for everyone so far, it even gives the impression that maybe the whole trip itself will run smoothly. That is, until viewers reach the six-hour mark. At six hours in, Maryse has to change Monroe’s diaper… and this is when she remembers that she has forgotten the diaper genie, which would dispose of the diapers without leaving an odor on the bus. The Miz’s solution to this problem, after getting upset that they do not have the diaper genie, is to put the dirty diapers in the freezer so that they won’t smell. At ten hours into the trip Maryse’s Mom thinks it would be funny to try to mess with The Miz’s planned out road trip schedule. Since he does not find this to be hilarious at all, he decides to play his own trick on her. When they decide to stop for a break, he hides the bus somewhere where she will not be able to see the bus. Maryse’s Mom gets furiously angry at The Miz and yells at him while he continues to laugh at her and what he thought was a funny joke.

At this point, Maryse, The Miz, and Maryse’s Mom have reached the sixteen-hour mark. They’re all trying to sleep since at this point it is nighttime, however their cat is having none of that. The cat is angry, since she has been in the bus all day at this point and is making lots of noise to the point that no one can even attempt to fall asleep. Time flashes forward and viewers now find out that they are twenty-three hours into their road trip to Texas. The Miz is no longer having a good time on their road trip, seeing as how now they are five hours behind his original schedule that he had planned out. On top of that, everyone in the bus is getting stir crazy, and The Miz’s brilliant solution to put the diapers in the freezer has now backfired, the bus smells awful. It has been thirty-six hours into the trip, and they are still driving to Texas. At one moment, they realize that they had left Maryse’s Mom where they had stopped and had to turn around to go back and get her. This would have been a hilarious moment, except seconds later they discover that the radiator on the bus is broken. The bus is completely shut down, with the driver informing them that they would be lucky if the bus was fixed by 9 am.

Home Sweet Home

Hearing the news about the bus, The Miz and Maryse decide to rent a car to get to Texas for the rest of the road trip. The episode ends with all of them finally making it to their new home. I loved this episode and, in all honesty, looking back, I think it was my favorite of the season. It’s one thing for a reality show to claim that they are going to show viewers that their favorite wrestlers are just like us, but for a show to actually show that is rare. This episode did that. Viewers were able to watch two of their favorite wrestlers go through things that all of us deal with every day, maybe not to the extreme that they dealt with it, but still it is a real-world problem. With the next episode being labeled the mid-season finale of Miz and Mrs. I am excited to see what they have in store for their viewers. Hopefully it is something that will continue to keep people tuning in because I would not want to see this show go anywhere anytime soon!

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