205 Live Recap: Episode 130

Last week on 205 Live: They were in the UK so NXT: UK wrestlers got to get funky with the 205 roster. There was a fatal four way that had two UK wrestlers and two 205 wrestlers. The match and finish really revolved around Humberto Carrillo beating Jack Gallagher. Tony Nese beat Ligero in a meh match. Also, Ariya Daivari cutting promos in the tanning bed.

Then at Money in the Bank, Nese beat Daivari with Tony’s championship on the line in a meh match as well.

Cold Open

We get a replay of the Money in the Bank match. Nigel saying Tony Nese is the best they have on 205 Live, does no favors to the brand for casual fans. Especially if that title match was their first impression. One guy is all character with a gaudy entrance and the other guy, the champion, is wrestler.

The Singh Brothers vs. Humberto Carrillo and Jack Gallagher

  • The 24/7 Championship is brought up, I wonder if the viewership for this show went up because of 24/7 interest?
  • The Bollywood Boyz are on another level right now. They are some of the best characters in WWE. Can’t believe they weren’t allowed to do this on the main roster.
  • Singh’s cut a promo about how the Lucha House Party got destroyed by Lars Sullivan. This was supposed to be Singh’s vs. LHP and they wanted to win by forfeit but Drake Maverick came out to change the match on the fly.
  • Jack Gallagher has a fresh undercut haircut, similar to both Singhs. When Carrillo comes out Aiden blows his load. Jack is still rocking the bulge highlighting baby blue trunks.
  • Singh Brothers said that since they beat a jobber team, it cancels out their loss to the LHP so they are undefeated again!
  • Gallagher and Carrillo make a great team because Humberto is a high flying wrestler and very fast, while Jack is a mat based technical wrestler that excels in submissions. Combined they have all the wrestling ability.
  • Aiden English and Nigel get in a debate about the word collusion. Weird little political conversation there. Then they get into talking about if The Singh Brothers would make Ghandi proud. 205 Live commentary team is in contention for the best commentary team in WWE, rivaled by NXT but Beth hasn’t settled into her role quite yet.
  • Samir Singh hits the front turnbuckle bump made famous by Bret Hart. Singh’s are from Canada and wear pink and black, Bret also has endorsed this team. You love to see it.
  • Gallagher hits his stalling suplex again and is very impressive in his delivery. I really hope the rumors of him fighting for Bellator are true because Jack is too talented to be used once a week.
  • Singh’s keep attempting to hit cheap shots on Gallagher but Jack is kicking out of everything. These four really know how to wrestle a great match.
  • Carrillo gets tagged in and hits the Aztec Press for the win almost immediately.

And I’m Like… If you count these two teams, LHP and Tozawa and Kendrick, there is a little bit of a tag division forming in 205. They have more tag teams than Smackdown Live! There are so many championships in WWE, might as well add a cruiserweight tag team championship.

Mike and Maria Kanellis cut a promo about how Mike Kanellis’ greatness won’t be denied.

Oney Lorcan’s promo is about how he is gonna prove that he deserves a shot at the cruiserweight championship. Vic Joseph thinks Oney was done talking and talks over him, but Lorcan wasn’t.

Number One Contender Match

Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari vs. Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Oney Lorcan

  • Maria straight up wearing a Ashley Massaro tribute outfit. With the punk themed jacket and bra. That’s nice.
  • It’s weird how only one person in this five way has a gimmick that isn’t “wrestler”. I mean Mike used to have something but he has receded in his character development. When Vince ran 205 Live it was mainly Enzo and character based. HHH took over and it’s mainly “wrestling”. I would like a happy medium.
  • This match is gonna be bonkers with little storytelling. That’s usually how multi-man matches go in WWE. Some chaos, then people pair off in little one-on-one matches, then chaos again then the finish.
  • Kanellis goes to the outside because HE’s A HEEL! But, Daivari stays in to fight, so that’s something.
  • The beginning of the match is Kendrick and Tozawa team up and take out the rest o the competitors in the match, like in the movies when all the henchmen attack the protagonist one at a time.
  • Kendrick and Tozawa mutually agree to lock up and that gives Daivari and Kanellis an opportunity to attack.
  • We are three minutes into the match, almost everyone got a chance to shine and the mini one-on-one matches are beginning.
  • I can’t help but think about Cedric and Buddy. They got called up and aren’t used at all. Ali is the only one that is thriving. Maybe they should take Chad Gable and bring him to 205 Live. At least then he will be used.
  • There is a bit of a twist on the multi-man formula, where instead of one-on-one’s it’s three dudes wrestling at once. I like it because it’s different.
  • The match has got back into chaos mode where every wrestler attempts their finish and gets a bit of a chance to shine. Kanellis is the last one standing but takes too much time reacting and not attacking. That leads to the 205 battle on the top rope spot cliche.
  • Which lead to a tower of doom. Daivari hit a top rope splash and got a two count on Kendrick. Ariya is bleeding from the ear and the ref got his latex gloves on.
  • Tozawa has the Iron Octopus on Mike and Maria jumps on the apron to yell. That is enough to get Akira to let go of the move to stand and yell at Maria. Foolish.
  • Daivari and Tozawa end up fighting on the top rope, Daivari gets knocked off and now Mike and Akira are fighting on the top. This match is really slowing down but doesn’t feel like we are anywhere near a finish.
  • Tozawa had the match won but Kendrick breaks up the pin. Akira looks upset, but we are told in every multi-man match that their are no friends. I don’t get why wrestlers are always shocked.
  • Now every wrestler is sliding in and hitting their finisher. Daivari hits the best hammerlock lariat I have ever seen.
  • Akira is able to catch Daivari in a flash pin for the win.

And I’m Like… So it will be Akira Tozawa vs. Tony Nese for the cruiserweight championship. That should be a good match, no character development or actual storyline I’m sure, but it’ll be a good match.

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