Monday Night Raw’s Script Was Unfinished Until After Raw Started

It’s a wild time to be in WWE it seems. With dwindling ratings, superstars asking for their release, the Saudi Arabia shows bring controversy and Vince McMahon adding uncertainty to every show. It must be hard to do your job on television, when your not even sure what’s going to go on the television.

Wrestle Votes Twitter account, which is known to have sources working for WWE, tweeted out that the script for Monday Night Raw wasn’t completed until after Raw was airing.

If Raw felt a bit chaotic, that’s for good reason. Most of the performers didn’t know when they were going on or in some cases, what was going on.

Many fans blame the creative team for a lot of WWE’s woes, but it appears that even if the creative team spent all week preparing a script for Raw, it was all for not. With WWE seemingly so behind on their own product, one must wonder what can be done to bring order back to the companies television shows. It’s hard to get continuity when the show is being written while it is airing.

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