Everything You Need to Know About WWE’s New 24/7 Belt: What Happened on RAW and What’s Happened so Far

For better or worse, it seems as if the WWE loves to throw curve balls and surprises at their fans. Sometimes this works in their favor and sometimes it does not. During Money in the Bank this past Sunday, WWE kept throwing up ads saying that on Monday, Mick Foley would be at RAW live to announce and unveil a new title/ championship. They were not saying much else except for the fact that it would be a new title and that it would be Foley who would be announcing it. Fans all over the internet had ideas about what this title could potentially be. Last night on RAW it was announced, as promised by Foley, that the new title would be the 24/7 title.

This was met with not much fanfare from the live audience, most likely because fans had no idea at first what this exactly meant. Foley named the title and then revealed it to be quite the eye sore when it comes to what belts in the WWE look like, it’s not exactly the prettiest belt in the world. After doing both of these things he then explained what exactly went into the 24/7 title. Anyone from any WWE brand (RAW, Smackdown, 205 Live, NXT, and NXT UK) is able to go after this belt and become 24/7 champion. The title itself is called 24/7 because it can be taken from the current champion anytime, anywhere, and under any conditions twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. He also included that even WWE legends would be allowed to come back and try to win the title.  Foley then went on to also explain that now, the last hour of RAW will be dedicated specifically to defending the 24/7 belt. Foley told the crowd that he was going to put the belt down in the ring and there would be a scramble right now, whoever got to the belt first would be the first champion of the 24/7 belt.

Almost instantly men came running from the back to get to this belt. EC3, No Way Jose, Titus O’Neil, and Drake Maverick were some of the men who came running out to grab this title among others. It was a chase to the ring that eventually ended with Titus O’Neil being the first 24/7 Champion. However, his reign did not last long. Almost instantly, Robert Roode pinned O’Neil right on the entrance ramp and became the next 24/7 Champion. This led to some backstage antics that were quite funny, as the men continued to chase Roode around the building to get the belt for themselves. Roode thought he was in the clear when R-Truth came to his aid, hiding him in the back of a car and misleading the others from the locker room, telling them Roode when a different way. However, the segment ended with Truth pinning Roode right outside of the car and becoming the new 24/7 Champion, followed by him quickly driving away.

It would be foolish to think that things would stop right there, as RAW was drawing to a close. Because this is, in fact the 24/7 championship and can be taken at any moment in time, social media has become a huge part of this. Right away, Duke Maverick tweeted out,

“Did anyone get the license plate on @RonKillings? Where is #SDLive tomorrow??!”

Maverick seems to be the one who is taking this championship the most seriously, as he continued to Tweet throughout the night, giving updates on how he was getting to Smackdown. Once he got to Smackdown he started handing out Wanted posters that he made with R-Truth’s picture on them and putting them on the seats in the stadium before Smackdown starts tonight. R-Truth made a video in response where he looks like he is in the middle of nowhere, hiding out somewhere, so no one can take the belt from him. He even goes so far to say in the video, that tonight he wants to talk to the McMahon’s about changing the stipulations of the championship. It is not just Maverick who is interested in the belt though. Athletes from all brands having been making Tweets mentioning the belt, it just seems to be that Maverick is the only one really taking matters into his own hands.

So, what does this mean for WWE? This is definitely going to be a game changer and with the rules already being in place beforehand that on RAW each week three stars from Smackdown can come to RAW and on Smackdown it’s the same thing but reversed, things are bound to get a little crazy. I was a little disappointed in the fact that, though Foley said that anyone from any WWE brand could try to take this title, it was only men who came out to try to take it, and it has been only men so far who have won it and continued to go after it. When he had said anyone at first, I had thought maybe fans would get an inter-gender title and I was disappointed to see that wasn’t the case. I myself, am also a little confused as to how this title can be taken anywhere at anytime and yet, Foley specifically said that the last hour of RAW each week will be spent defending the 24/7 belt. Does this mean the last hour will be spent defending it in the ring? Clearly, fans have already seen that it can change hands anywhere at anytime so hopefully that last hour of RAW bit will be explained a little more in-depth in the future. Regardless, whatever happens will hopefully continue to be as crazy as it has been in the last 24 hours. I can promise you that I will be watching social media, as well as all the brands, to keep everyone updated and informed through bodyslam.net as to what is going on with the 24/7 belt… and I can’t wait!

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