How to Get Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Prepaway – How to Get Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

Six Sigma certifications are one of the most useful certifications in the industry. These certifications are useful in enhancing your career in many different ways. There are four levels of Six Sigma certifications. These include the Green Belt, the Yellow Belt, The Black Belt and the Master Black Belt. The Green Belt is the first in the steps of this certification and will be discussed in this article. We will also discuss the ways in which the candidates can be certified and what are the advantages of Six Sigma Green Belt in their careers.

The people who are planning to give Six Sigma Green Belt certification should read this article to know exactly how they can get certified and what they should do.

Who Is It Suitable for?

Six Sigma Green Belt certification is for the people who are working in the process improvement of a company. The green belt certification is the way to improve your ability as a leader in an organization. The green belt is for the people who are a part of Six Sigma Management Team and the ones who are assisting with the data collection and improvement analysis of the projects. With the Green Belt certification the professional is able to implement Six Sigma strategies efficiently.

The individuals who are interested in continuous improvement, work experience, waste reduction are the ones who should go for this certificate. Additionally, if you are looking for professional progress and higher paying jobs, this certification is suitable for you.

How Can You Get Certified?

There are a few prerequisites that the candidates need to fulfill in order to sit for Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam. These include three to four years of full time employment experience in a legitimate firm. Part time jobs and unpaid internships are not considered and will be rejected. The candidate will also need leadership skills, logical and analytical thinking, perseverance and some other such skills to get certified. The candidates will have to register for Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam and pass it so that they can get certified. The exam consists of 100 to 150 questions that have to be solved within four hours. The number of questions and the pattern of exam will vary from organization to organization. The candidates are supposed to score over 50% marks to pass the exam. The passing marks might also differ from organization to organization. The exact values can be seen on the official website where you will be scheduling your exam Click here to download.

The candidate will learn a lot of skills while preparing for the examination that can be used in their career. These skills include the following:

  • The ability to solve process problems.
  • Enough knowledge of the business processes.
  • Tricks to improve the quality of deliverability which in turn increases the customer satisfaction.
  • A good understanding of DMIC method that helps the organization they are working for in gaining profits.

To prepare for Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam, the candidate can join the trainings and e-learning classes. The candidates can also solve practice papers that will help them in assessing their progress and will also help them score better in the final examination. Once you are done preparing, you should apply for the exam.

What Are the Advantages of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

When it comes to the advantages, there are numerous. We will talk about some of the major benefits of Six Sigma Green Belt certification:

  • People Development Benefits

With the certification, the candidate gets numerous benefits from the organization they are working in. With the training, not only will you have more knowledge but you will also become more confident and innovative.

  • Customer Benefits

As Six Sigma Green Belt Certified professional, you will be able to deliver better quality products and services which will in turn have customer satisfaction. This means that the customers will be happy with your work and in turn the company will benefit.

  • Strategic Benefits

Six Sigma Green Belt certification will give the candidate the specialized training of handling the projects and the problems of the company. Hence an individual with a green belt can solve all the major problems in the business and provide the solutions in the shortest time period.

  • Financial Benefits

The financial benefits are for the individuals as well as for the company. The individuals with Six Sigma Green Belt certification will get paid even higher and will have much better job opportunities. The companies who hire these individuals will be able to save a lot on spending per year because of their smart methodologies.


In conclusion Six Sigma Green Belt certification is a very important certificate that can help you in understanding the tools and methods that are important in the project improvements of a company. With the green belt, you will become a skilled professional who will be responsible for the improvement of the process quality. You can start your preparation for this exam by joining any online as well as offline courses. These courses can also be found on the websites where you will be registering for the exam. Since there is not a single body that provides the exam material, it is important to see that the organization that you are applying in is legitimate and will give you a valid certificate. If you are someone who is looking for a full training, you can also join classroom courses which will be of great help as you will be guided throughout.

It is important to note that any website that claims of getting you 100% success can be fake and you might end up wasting your energy and money on it. Hence you should keep in mind to not fall for these scams and only invest in study material from legit websites and booksellers. With a little precaution and some hard work, you can have an excellent career with your Six Sigma Green Belt certification.