Top 5 Worst Money in the Bank Cash-ins

With Money in the Bank right around the corner, it’s only appropriate that we take a look back at some of the best and worst cash-ins. So many superstars have attempted to draw their name in the sand. The explosive reactions by the WWE Universe only make these more special. As an avid WWE fan myself, this is one of my favorite events of the year, there’s something unique that separates from much other pay per views. Everyone wants to win the contract for a title shot at any given time and place.

Ranking The Top 5 Worst Money in the Bank Cash-ins in WWE History!! 
#5 John Cena

Yes, even “Super Cena” makes the worst list, having won the Money in the Bank just a week prior, He announced to the CM Punk and the WWE Universe that he would be cashing in for WWE Championship at The Historic Raw 1,000 episode.
The match was good with many up and downs given their history with each other. They’ve always had incredible chemistry go back and watch “Money in the Bank 2011” if you don’t believe me. Cena was in route to yet another Championship victory when Big Show caused a DQ with his interference, Cena’s chances at the championship were thrown out the window.
The Rock who just faced Cena in a Once in a Lifetime Match at this past WrestleMania, came to his aid and fought off Big Show; Punk decided to teach “The People’s Champion” a lesson in respect, after feeling disrespected earlier on in the night. Punk dropped Rock with his signature GTS. Leaving the WWE Universe stunned! This would be the beginning to the most well-executed heel turn in quite some time; Punk would go on to keep the championship for a Record-Breaking 434 Days!!!!
#4 Sheamus

After Seth Rollin’s Injury in 2015, at a house show in Dublin, Ireland. Roman Reigns was set to finally have his first one on one match with Rollins since the “Shield Implosion.” Those plans was derailed, and a Tournament was announced to determine the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The finals were set for 2015 Survivor Series as we saw former Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Reigns battle it out for the richest prize in Sports-Entertainment. 
Reigns finally reached the top of the mountain after year-long strife with The Authority. His victory was short-lived after refusing the shake Triple H’s hand and instead of hitting a “Devastating” Spear to the Boss. Sheamus Money in the Bank holder came out and “Struck” Reigns with a vicious Brogue Kick to win the championship. The crowd popped loud not in favor of him but disapproval of Reigns as the Champion.By no means am I saying that his Cash-In was not successful? He was just used as a pawn in the storyline between Reigns and HHH which would culminate at WrestleMania 32.

#3 Kane 

Kane cashes in his Money in the Bank contract in 2010

Kane wasted NO TIME CASHING IN his Money in the Bank contract for GOLD!

Posted by WWE on Sunday, April 15, 2018

“The Devil’s Favorite Demon” had recently found his brother The Undertaker left in a vegetative state, Kane was a “Monster” possessed and seeking retribution for whoever committed this crime against his brother. Kane was more than convinced that Rey Mysterio was the culprit. Nothing motivates someone more than revenge, Kane won the Money in the Bank ladder match earlier in the night and ambushed Mysterio and successfully cashed in to become World Heavyweight Champion. 
The reason why this on the worst list is because this was a ruse and Kane was the culprit and attacked Undertaker for being weak and emotional with Shawn Michaels during the Career-Ending Match at WrestleMania 26. This would lead to a program between the two with the championship on the line. If this were the ’90s I would be all for this feud; unfortunately, this story has been overdone so many times; I understand the nostalgia including a returning Paul Bearer turning his back on Undertaker given their rich history together. The championship was not needed to elevate this feud.

#2 Damien Sandow

“The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” had loads of momentum in 2013. He teamed with Cody Rhodes in Team Rhode Scholars in 2012, until he double-crossed his partner and stole the Money in the Bank briefcase. The former tag partners spent the summer battling over the contract. 
Albert Del Rio was current World Heavyweight Champion, and he needed a worthy opponent; in came Cena. Cena had recently undergone elbow surgery for an average person; recovery time would be 3-6 months but not for “Super Cena.” After Cena won the championship at Hell in a Cell, Del Rio was trying to inflict more damage to the elbow by keeping his Cross-Armbreaker after defeat.  
On October 28th episode of Monday Night, Raw Sandow came face to face with Cena and decided to strike; He delivered a “Savage” beating of Cena’s arm and elbow before announcing he would be cashing in the briefcase.  The match itself was decent, but the end came, and Sandow became the first man to lose his Cash-In match in history!
#1 Baron Corbin

“The Lone Wolf” was on the verge of reaching the Main-Event spot very quickly in 2017, after only being on SmackDown Live for one impressive year. He recently won the Money in the Bank briefcase in June. After only one month August 16th edition of SmackDown Live Jinder Mahal was current WWE Champion and had just battled Cena in a grueling rematch. The bout ended in a DQ; when Corbin attacked Cena. Quickly He made it back on the apron with just enough time to gain revenge, Mahal rolled Corbin up and scored the pin… and Cena had Crushed his Dreams in 5 SECONDS!!!

Stay Tuned for the Top 5 of The Best Cash-ins in my follow up article….. COMING SOON…