Ethan Page Calls Out Holiday Inn For Extremely Poor Service

The life of a wrestler is a lot harder than many are lead to believe. For the few minutes they spend in the ring, there are many hours that are spent doing other things related to the job. From training in the gym, to self promotion, to traveling and more.

When you follow professional wrestlers on Social Media, you get to see the rigmarole that they go through on a daily basis. Ethan Page shared a few travel woes that happened to him over the weekend.

As you can see Ethan Page was trying to check into a Holiday Inn and was ringing the bell for over 45 minutes. Tagging Holiday Inn in the tweet to gain the companies attention.

After asking for a DM, the company then decided to not reply to the DM. Ethan Page was in the lobby for so long, that an UberEats driver gave All Ego some McDonald’s that a customer didn’t pick up.

Page eventually got into his room before having to leave at 5 A.M. to go to another show. Here is the last post from Page regarding the matter.

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