WWE Money In The Bank Predictions by Squared Circle Psychobabble

Squared Circle Psychobabble

WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs AJ Styles

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles (Source: WWE)

In what should be the main event, Seth Rollins defends his Universal Championship against the Phenomenal AJ Styles. It is a dream match which has only happened once in their careers in one of Seth Rollins’ first ever matches while in the independent circuits. Since then, they have both become two of best in-ring wrestlers of WWE. In what many will consider a dream match, does it deliver? Who wins?

Ralph’s Pick: Seth Rollins

Just hoping that match delivers and tears the roof off. It should be a great match and possibly the match of the night. Rollins retains though.

Michael’s Pick: Baron Corbin Cashes In Successfully

On top of already establishing heat for becoming the first two-time Money in the Bank winner since CM Punk, Corbin cashing would create even more heat for him for ruining a dream match. It also sets up a story where Rollins and Styles both go after him for ruining this match. Whoever ends up taking the title off Corbin would instantly become the top babyface of the company for dethroning the most hated person in the company. It’s the Roman or Cena Effect except with a proper heel.