WWE Money In The Bank Predictions by Squared Circle Psychobabble

Squared Circle Psychobabble

Who Will Win The Money In The Bank Briefcases?

This Sunday at the XL Center in Hartford, CT, WWE will hold the Money in the Bank Pay Per View. The namesake ladder matches for the Men and Women are ones that many fans would be eyeing on as to who wins.

Men’s Money In The Bank Match: Andrade vs Ali vs Finn Balor vs Randy Orton Vs Baron Corbin vs Drew McIntyre vs Ricochet vs Sami Zayn

Men’s Money in the Bank Match: Andrade vs Ricochet vs Drew McIntyre vs Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin vs Ali vs Randy Orton

Originally, Braun Strowman was included in this match, but last year’s winner lost his spot after losing to Sami Zayn on the go-home show of Monday Night Raw in a No DQ match with the help of Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre. This year’s winner needs to end with a successful cash-in so many speculate that the winner will be set for a very big push in the months to come. The question is… Who will it be?

Ralph’s Pick: Ricochet

The Money In The Bank winner is typically someone who has not been established yet as a champion, but can carry around the briefcase as if it’s a championship belt. The successful cash-in makes them a top champion on their respective brand, but they may not be set in that position just yet. Look to Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan or The Miz. They were big names yet when they won, but WWE used Money in the Bank to catapult them to the top. Ricochet is a young star that fans love and this would be a great way to get him a big win early in his main roster run.

Michael’s Pick: Baron Corbin

It’s an unpopular opinion, but Baron Corbin is the best heel in WWE right now. Everything he does the crowd hates and gets them to boo. Sadly, a lost art in today’s WWE as the WWE Universe just want everyone to turn heel as a way to get over. From the “Constable” run, to retiring Kurt Angle, and now having the announcer list all his accolades; Corbin’s character gives fans an emotion of absolute hatred. Now, he gets a bad rep and some of the heat is “X-Pac Heat” as he was the scapegoat for the ratings drop last fall. But honestly, he is a decent promo and his in-ring work is often overlooked. What better way to add heat to an already well-established heat magnet than by making him the first two-time winner since… CM Punk?