MLW Fusion Recap Episode 57: Hammerstone vs. Gringo Loco, Jacob Fatu vs. Barrington Hughes

Last week on MLW Fusion: Salina De La Renta was the executive producer of MLW Fusion – Low Ki beat Daga in a grudge match that Salina wasn’t at ringside for. El Hijo De LA Park defeated Gringo Loco with Salina at ringside. LA Park bested Pentagon Jr. with Salina at ringside. None of the matches had much of a story, the only real stories is the dissension between Salina and Low Ki and Mancer and Sami Callihan reeking havoc on
Promociones Dorado.

Cold Open

Barrington Hughes hype video about how he is undefeated in MLW. The video gets interrupted by Josef Samael talking about how great Fatu is and then Jacob Fatu spits some trash talk as well with a Contra Unit flag on him.

Air Wolf vs. Rey Fenix

  • Air Wolf has mad quite an impact in a short bit of time. He is only 19-years old and is already turning a lot of heads.
  • Rey Fenix is slowly becoming a modern day lucha legend.
  • They start the match off with a handshake and that leads to a feeling out process.
  • This is still the New York taping but it seems that this match happened earlier in the show because the blood stains aren’t on the ring mat.
  • This match has started off very slow. Neither man is going to fast in fear of making a mistake and losing an advantage in the match.
  • Fenix is able to hit a top rope arm drag but then gets caught in mid air by Air Wolf with a German suplex.
  • Both men are going for big moves very early on and Air Wolf keeps catching Fenix with Germans. Fenix seems to be a bit surprised at the strength and abilities of Air Wolf.
  • Matches like these are hard to write about when there is no story going in. It’s really just about calling the moves and explaining the in ring story. Lucha matches usually don’t have much of an in ring story, but this one is focusing on Air Wolf not being intimidated by Fenix and using his strength to stay in control of the match.
  • Air Wolf is only 19 though, which means he is very green in comparison to Fenix. Fenix is able to use his ring smarts and innovation to stay on top.
  • Fenix runs across the top rope and soccer ball kicks Air Wolf in the head in a great near fall. Commentary is putting over how Fenix hasn’t had this much trouble against an opponent since debuting in MLW.
  • Fenix is relentless though, the chops from Fenix have lit up Air Wolf’s chest. Fenix goes to hit his muscle buster finish and Air Wolf is able to reverse it into a pin for the win.

And I’m Like… Fenix laughs after the fall and raises Air Wolf’s hand. Fenix knows he was bested and can only show his respect to the young upstart. This was a good quick match that told a nice and tight story. Air Wolf is really cementing his place on the MLW roster as one of the rising stars.

We see a recap of last week with Sami Callihan and Mance Warner ruining her night.

Salina De La Renta basically says that Sami Callihan doesn’t shower and that Mance Warner fucks chickens. Salina says she will bring chaos to both men.

Barrington Hughes vs. Jacob Fatu

  • Barrington usually comes out with a laid back demeanor, but this match is serious to him and he comes out with no smiles or entrance gear, big boy is ready to battle.
  • Every time I watch Barrington wrestle, I just cringe at the pressure his knees must be under.
  • Jacob runs up to the top rope and hits a phoenix type splash on a standing Hughes, that is all it takes to win the match.

And I’m Like… The Samoan Werewolf Jacob Fatu is the new big bad of MLW. He is unstoppable, which is amazing.

The Hart Foundation do their weird ass videos talking about small ball sacks and throwing cats and shit.

Alexander Hammerstone cuts a promo on Gringo Loco. Hammerstone isn’t even thinking about the match, he knows he will be the National Openweight champion.

A Von Erich hype video about Ross and Marshall debuting at the Fury Road show on June 1st.

Tom Lawlor cuts another promo about how he drowns his opponents in sweat, tears and spit. He will also beat Avalanche in their MLW Heavyweight Championship match.

Bryan Idol vs. Ariel Dominguez

  • Ariel is the smallest competitor in MLW weighing at 140 pounds. He has been seen training with Tom Lawlor.
  • This is Bryan’s debut match in MLW, but it’s looking like a showcase for Dominguez.
  • Idol is able to hit a heavy knee on Dominguez and Ariel is in some trouble real early in the match.
  • Ariel gets butterfly suplexed into the turnbuckle and lands right on his neck. It was gross.
  • Bryan Idol is your typical WWE Cruiserweight size and looks like a giant against Ariel.
  • Dominguez is getting the shit kicked out of him but keeps on kicking out. Bryan plays to the crowd before a no look moonsault and that gives Ariel enough time to dodge the high risk maneuver.
  • Ariel hits his comeback after the miss by Idol. Dominguez is able to get a near fall but then runs directly into a right hand. This match isn’t even four minutes in and we’ve already had just as man near falls.
  • Dominguez tries a pin but Idol kicks out, Ariel doesn’t let go and repositions the pin for the win.

And I’m Like… That match was fast as hell. They went for a five minute sprint and maximized their minutes. Ariel seems to be the ultimate underdog that can still win.

I know that Callihan and Mance Warner are babyfaces, but Callihan turned heel in my book. Mancer was about to cut a promo and Sami cut him off to take over the promo. SAMI DON’T TALK MANCER PROMO’S AWAY FROM ME! They then talk a bit but then Sami stops the knee pad up knee pad down thing…. ugh.

MLW cameras catch Salina and Low Ki arguing in the hallway because Salina’s managerial contract with Low Ki is almost up. Salina notices the cameras and tells Low Ki they should talk elsewhere but then they their separate ways.

Gringo Loco vs. Alexander Hammerstone w/ The Dynasty

  • Gringo Loco reminds me of a vampire from the Blade series. The sunglasses really do it. Dude has such an aesthetic about him, no one is really like him.
  • The Dynasty all hug on the entrance ramp because Hammerstone told MJF and Holliday that he can win on his own.
  • Gringo is easily over matched in the muscle department, so Gringo is going to have to try his aerial and agile skills.
  • The problem with Loco is he looks for crowd affirmation after hitting his cool movez. In MLW, whenever you play to the crowd, usually that costs you the match advantage.
  • Loco is able to fight back after Hammerstone plays to the crowd!! As Loco hits a top rope moonsault, I can see that the bloodstains on the ring mat are back.
  • Both men end up fighting on the top rope, Gringo almost won the battle but Hammerstone rolled back to his feet and hit a running kick on Loco.
  • The camera cuts away as the crowd reacts. Then the camera cuts back to the match with Hammerstone hitting a superplex, no idea what botch happened there.
  • Hammerstone hits the Nightmare Pendulum quickly after for the win.

And I’m Like… Every match tonight went by so quickly. Not much time for any match to build a good story. Not sure how I felt about this episode. It’s hard to form opinions on segments that are less than five minutes. Hammerstone cuts a promo about how he should be described, he has destiny.

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