The AEW WWE War is ON!

All Elite Wrestling TV Deal with TNT is Virtually Done

Late last week, The Wrap reported that All Elite Wrestling has a TV deal in place to air their weekly programming on TNT.

The fire that is AEW is burning stronger and stronger as we approach All Elite Wrestling Double or Nothing on May 25th and WWE is starting to feel it. The reported deal is in fact done, the show will be presented at Turner’s upfronts to advertisers in the place that WWE calls home. Madison Square Garden.
All Elite Wrestling has a deal that is “virtually done” with TNT.

WWE cancels Stardom Match Between Toni Storm and Bea Priestley

It was announced on Stardom’s Twitter account that the originally scheduled match between NXT Women’s Champion Toni Storm and All Elite Wrestling signee Bea Priestley was canceled due to circumstances beyond their control.

As reported by Fightful, NXT Talent are no longer allowed to compete against wrestlers in other major promotions. This includes All Elite Wrestling. Is this a smart business move by WWE or a sign of pettiness?

Casino Battle Royale Rules and Prize Announced

All Elite Wrestling announced the rules for the Casino Battle Royale on the most recent episode of “Road to Double or Nothing”. In an innovative approach, AEW have combined a traditional battle royal with the Royal Rumble Match. Each of the competitors will receive a card. 20 will receive either a heart, club, diamond or spade and the lucky 21st will get the joker. 5 men start in the ring then 5 men will enter in 3 minute increments based on the suit they drew prior to the match. The man who drew the joker enters last at the 12 minute mark. The person who wins the Battle Royale will received a match against the “newly crowned AEW Champion”. Does this mean the AEW Champion will be crowned at Double or Nothing? If so, Who will it be?