Former WWE Star Cameron Announces Return to Wrestling

It is not uncommon for former WWE superstars to leave WWE for various different reasons. Some decide to come back later on in their careers where as some never come back. After her release from WWE in 2016, I don’t think any WWE fans expected to hear from Cameron again. Though she has not returned to the ring since 2016, Cameron announced that she is not done with wrestling just yet.

Cameron, now 31, recently said on her YouTube channel that she will be making a return to the ring. She started to tease a return date but refused to give anything away just yet. In her YouTube video, Cameron stated,

“I know you guys like to hear about wrestling stuff not the other stuff I got going on in my life.”

She then continued on to say,

“As you may know or may not know I am not done with wrestling. My plan is to come back… got you I was almost going to tell you when.”

Naomi recently went on record saying that she might like a Funkadactyls reunion and if that’s the case, maybe fans will be seeing Cameron in a WWE ring again real soon. However, in the same video, Cameron went on to discuss how she prefers being a heel to being a baby-face. It seems as if only time will tell what the future is for Cameron when it comes to her wrestling career, but it is clear that whatever path she might chose for herself, she is more than ready to get back in the ring.

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