Evolve Dance Party: I’m Just a Teenage Dirtbag BAY BAY!

As a wrestling fan, we all have hopes and dreams. There are things that we hope and dream one day that we will be able see, every wrestling fan has a list of dream matches that they would love to see or be able to experience. Every so often, some of those dreams come true and we’re very fortunate and lucky to experience them. Other times, there are moments that we never even dreamed of or thought about that just happen to fall into our laps and bless us with a good time. Last night one of those moments happened at an Evolve show.

On May 11th at the most recent Evolve show, Adam Cole of The Undisputed Era, had a Post Non-Title match against Austin Theory. While Adam Cole was in the ring, Nate Webb stood on the sidelines, clearly wanting another piece of Austin Theory, after having a match of him versus Theory for the title. While Webb was being held back by referees, Cole took the mike and offered up Austin Theory to Nate Webb, with Theory running to the back as soon as Nate Webb got to the ring. Webb and Cole shook hands after Theory had run to the back, which most fans assumed would be how things would end.

That was not the case, however. Nate Webb grabbed the microphone as Adam Cole was stepping out of the ring and very loudly asked Cole where he was going. Webb then tells the sound person to hit his music and ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ starts to play. At first, Cole seems to be cautious about re-joining Webb in the ring, but once Webb grabbed Cole’s leg and started to play air guitar with it, it was only a couple of seconds before Cole joined in headbanging and using Web’s back to play the drums. The song continues to play and in typical Nate Webb fashion, he goes into the crowd to continue his dance party with Adam Cole close behind. At one moment, Cole exclaims “This is Fun!” continuing to dance and sing in the crowd with Webb. The song ends with both Cole and Webb still in the crowd, fist bumping each other, and giving each other a hug.

Both Nate Webb and Adam Cole are so much fun to watch in this video and honestly, I did not know that Adam Cole had that side to him as a wrestler since I have only watched him in NXT. The moment just makes you, as a wresting fan, laugh and smile through the entire thing. This will definitely go down, for myself, as one of my favorite dream moments that I had never even knew I wanted until it happened!

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