MVP Appears On CNN To Discus Ex-Felons And Voting Rights

MVP is getting near the end of his wrestling career. Recently on the X-Pac 360 Podcast, MVP stated he will wrestle for about two more years. Knowing that retirement is imminent, MVP has begun branching out to public speaking as a post wrestling career.

MVP recently released a Ted Talk on YouTube focusing on his life as a felon. The talk focuses on his rise to fame, being a household name all across he world, but still not being able to get an actual job or even rent a house. The basis of the Ted Talk and the reason MVP was on CNN was to discuss when are felons actually considered rehabilitated.

It’s good to see MVP getting coverage from mainstream media for his thoughts on issues that he is passionate about. Using your celebrity to better the world we live in is something that should be acknowledged and applauded.

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