Miz and Mrs. : Proud Papa

Throughout the first season in Miz and Mrs., The Miz has been beyond excited and really looking forward to becoming a father. While Miz and Mrs. will often show us family members from Maryse’s family, viewers have often seen Maryse’s Mom throughout the first couple of episodes, they have seen very little of The Miz’s family. The main reason for this has been because while Maryse’s Mom lives with them, The Miz’s family still lives in Ohio where he grew up. In episode four, viewers finally get to see where The Miz came from and what his family means to him while he is in Ohio for a taping of WWE. The Miz is not the only one who deals with family issues in this episode however, as Maryse struggles with telling her Mom news that she knows her Mom will not want to hear.

Family Matters

The episode starts off with The Miz coming home to show Maryse what he bought while out at the store. He reveals that he has bought several different types of cameras to have while Maryse is in the delivery room having their baby, which Maryse is not a fan of at all. Being so excited for the birth of his first child, The Miz tries to come up with a plan to hide the cameras during the delivery even though Maryse has forbid them in the delivery room. While discussing this idea with his friend Dolph, Dolph convinces him that maybe this would not be the best idea because it is not something that Maryse wants, which leads to The Miz scrapping this idea and choosing his wife’s happiness over what he wants.

While Dolph and The Miz are discussing this, viewers find out that both wrestlers are in Ohio at the time for a WWE taping. The Miz talks about how happy he is to be home and how he always enjoys coming to his hometown with WWE but struggles with the feelings that his Dad has never been proud of him. He feels as if it does not matter what he accomplishes, that his Dad is never proud. His Dad has even gone so far as to say that The Rock is his favorite wrestler when asked who is favorite wrestler is. He believes that this time though, he is coming home more accomplished and The Miz feels proud of the work that he has done. While he is home, he finds out that a mural of him has been put up at the arena, which makes him feel even more accomplished, but he still feels as if his Dad is not proud of him whenever they are around each other. Towards the end of the episode, The Miz’s Dad asks The Miz if he would hang out with him and meet some of his friends. At this point The Miz just wants to go home but it is his Aunt who hits him with a hard truth, that The Miz means the world to his father and that his father is proud of him. That it is in the moments like this where though it might not be verbally expressed, it is expressed in another way how proud his Dad is of him. The Miz leaves Ohio feeling good and feeling happy that his Father is proud of him.

Delivery Room Only for Two

At the beginning of the episode before The Miz leaves for Ohio, Maryse confides in him that she does not want her Mom in the delivery room with her when she has the baby. She also tells him that she is nervous to tell her Mom this news because she does not think that her Mom will take it very well. Maryse’s Mom continues to ask questions about the delivery, including questions about her being in the delivery room, while Maryse does her best to dodge the questions and ignore the subject. After she cannot handle it anymore, Maryse tries to tell her Mom that she doesn’t want her in the delivery room with her, but her Mom will not here it. When Maryse even tries to bring it up her Mother shuts her down just by simply saying no. Trying to figure out the best way to let her Mom know that this is non-negotiable, Maryse decides to take her Mother out to lunch and buy her a designer bag while telling her. When she tells her Mom this time, her Mother takes it better, saying that at the end of the day she is okay with Maryse’s choice because all she wants is for her daughter to be happy.

Earlier Than Expected

When The Miz comes home from Ohio, he returns with a “Push Present” for Maryse. He has given her a ring and on the inside of the ring is their daughters name. Maryse gets very emotional because this is the first time that she has seen their future daughters name on something. The episode ends with Maryse’s water breaking five days earlier than it was supposed to. They run Maryse to the hospital and it is clear that The Miz is impatiently waiting and so excited to meet his daughter. The episode ends with both Maryse and The Miz introducing the world to their daughter, Monroe Sky Mizanin. Two things are clear by the end of this episode, one being that both Maryse and The Miz are over the moon excited about having their daughter finally in the world with them, the second being that the Mizanin house is never going to be the same ever again. I cannot wait to see how Maryse and The Miz’s lives change now that they have Monroe living it with them as the first season of Miz an Mrs. carries on.

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