Big E Tries to Win Over Becky Lynch’s Mom Through Twitter

The internet has been buzzing over the fact that WWE has been in Ireland this week, mainly for the fact that Becky Lynch is back in her homeland with not one, but two championship belts. While it has been exciting for Lynch as the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champion, it seems as if she has been enjoying her time home not just with the fans and the championships, but with her family as well, specifically her Mom. Earlier yesterday, Lynch posted a picture of her Mom on Twitter holding a plank of wood with the caption, “She already met you. Wasn’t impressed.” This of course, is aimed at and in reference to Lacey Evans being called a plank recently by Becky Lynch herself.

As if this wasn’t entertaining enough on its own, Big E decided to step up and make some comments of his own regarding this post. Big E has made comments about Lynch’s Mom in the past and could not help himself from taking the chance to flirt with her stating in his reply,

“I would pay a small fortune for a photoshoot featuring Mama Lynch in a sundress,” he then continued on in the next Tweet to say, “I would learn to become a cycling class instructor & offer Mama Lynch free classes just in hopes of seeing her post-workout glisten.”

Lynch could not let this comment go unanswered, naturally, and this led to a hilarious exchange between the two where Lynch responded with,

“E, she’s married!” Though Becky also informed Big E to message her Mom’s burner phone later. He quickly responded back,

“I’m so sorry!” Also saying that he had time off and could be in Dublin tomorrow. Becky then said,

“She saw a GIF of you doing the splits and has paid your airfare,” it was then that Lynch saw E’s Tweet about being a cyclist instructor and she followed the airfare comment up with,

“She said if she can just install pedals on you she’s willing to risk it all.”

The exchange ended with Big E asking if Becky’s Mom was trying to ride, it was then that Lynch ended the conversation by saying,

“I’m just telling you I better not end up being Beck E Langston out of all of this,” showing the world what we already knew, that the Irish Lass can be a hilarious spitfire when she wants to be.

You can see a screen grab of all the tweets in a collage below.

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