MLW Fusion Recap Episode 56: Pentagon Jr. vs LA Park 2, Low Ki vs. Daga

Last Week on MLW Fusion: Jordan Oliver won his debut match against Kotto Brazil. Salina De La Renta and Ricky Martinez caused the distraction that caused Kotto to lose. Rey Horus’ winning streak continues with a win over Ace Austin. The Dynasty was able to win a tables match over The Hart Foundation. It was a weird episode, the natural flow just wasn’t there.

Cold Open

Salina De La Renta opens the show. She is the executive producer for the show. She is 22 years old and just signed a new MLW contract. She will have more of a front office position. She is sitting on a white couch in a very revealing black dress. She is on the phone and Low Ki is doing push ups in front of her. Low Ki is upset that she is talking on the phone when he wants to get ready to wrestle Daga. Low Ki knows Daga is coming with all the smoke because Low Ki almost ripped Daga’s ear off in the last time they wrestled.

The theme song is different and is an Urban Latino type song. Selina and Promociones Dorado is all over the beginning. Salina is front and center of the camera as Cornette and Bochinni read off her credentials. She welcomes us to the show. Rich doesn’t know where to look and keeps accidently looking at her ass. Then he stares off in the distance. She says by the time the show is over, we should know why she should have been in command since day one.

Low Ki vs. Daga

  • Court Bauer was on Wade Keller’s podcast this week and said that all the theme songs are licensed, meaning that Low Ki’s theme song is legit.
  • Camera cuts to the back while a camera man is filming Sami Callihan trying to break into the building.
  • Low Ki is out without Selina, because she is in charge tonight and is too busy.
  • Daga’s ears are fully healthy and blood capsule-less. This is still the New York taping. These fans must be so worn out. This will be their fourth hour of wrestling. I don’t know if Battle Riot was filmed or not yet. I know the Lawlor match was because the “blood” is on the ring. Crowd seems dead for this match, and I think it’s cause they probably sat through A LOT of MLW already.
  • Daga and Low Ki are brawling outside of the ring with Low Ki trying to run away from Daga but Daga is relentless.
  • Low Ki is able to catch Daga in the ropes and that turns the tide of the match. The second act is about Low Ki picking apart Daga. Kicks, chops and leg work. Then the fingers and face of Daga start getting worked over. Pretty soon every body part is being attacked.
  • Low Ki’s kick got caugt by Daga and Daga hits consecuative leg screws. Then some weird miscommunication happened and it devolved into a strike battle.
  • Low Ki went to set up his double stomp from the top rope onto Daga who was in a tree of woe. Daga is able to fight out of it, hit a gorgeous missile dropkick.
  • Low Ki was able to rebound from that and get a flash pin on Daga with his feet on the ropes for leverage. Daga argues with the ref as Low Ki walks to the back, but it’s Low Ki so it’s weird as shit. Dude crouches and puts his arms out and kinda moves like an angry baby dragon?

And I’m Like… That match was alright, a little bit of brawling and miscommunication. There wasn’t a callback to the ear spot, unless I missed it? Low Ki cheated to win and got all baby dragony. I personally don’t really enjoy Low Ki, but if you do, you’ll probably like this match.

Salina announces the brackets for the National Openweight Championship tournament. Gringo Loco vs. Alexander Hammerstone and Rich Swann vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Tom Lawlor is feuding with Contra Unit, LA Park and Avalanche. He cuts a really good promo about how he will take on everyone because he is the champion. Then we see some generic rock music play over a montage of Ariel Dominguez and Tom Lawlor training. It was kind of comedic.

Sami Callihan successfully broke into the building. He jumped Ricky Martinez and stole his phone.

El Hijo De LA Park w/ Salina De La Renta vs. Gringo Loco

  • Salina is able to come out with LA Park and not Low Ki, interesting. Also, since she is coming to the ring she wasn’t able to see that Ricky got jumped. Love how that ties together!
  • This guy is a rising star in MLW. He is featured a lot, but still doesn’t really have any character development or promo time. He has such a early 90’s hip-hop vibe. The dude is tremendous.
  • The match starts with some back and forth lucha. They are pretty even and the crowd starts a “Lucha Libre” chant.
  • Hijo De LA Park is pretty slow. I mean Gringo has to slow down so he is at the right spot he is needed to be for Hijo’s moves. The timing is noticeably off. Hijo throws Gringo out of the ring and then tope suicida’s onto Loco. The crowd wakes up after that.
  • Park was in control most of the match until he got reverse on the top turnbuckle. Gringo Loco ended up hitting a top rope Michinoku Driver and got a near fall.
  • Hijo De LA Park has “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” written all over his boots. Just noticed that, wonder if it has anything to do with his gimmick, or he might just like The Joker?
  • Gringo Loco is able to hit a Falcon Arrow from the top rope and still only gets two. I wonder how f’d Loco’s spine is gonna be when his career is over?
  • Park is able to reverse the sunset flip and hit a driver that almost broke Loco’s neck for the win.

And I’m Like… Hijo has a long way to go before he is considered a great. Loco seemed to carry Park through this match. Storyline was De La Renta is putting everyone in her camp on television. Jim and Rich talked about Corny not knowing how Kenny Powers is and that’s about it.

Contra Unit have a backstage vignette about them calling out Barrington Hughes. Undefeated Barrinton Hughes vs. Jacob Fatu next week.

Sami hacks into Ricky’s phone, because he is Solomon Crowe at heart. He calls Salina De La Renta, calls her “toots” and they argue over the phone. Sami says tonight will be full of surprises.

LA Park w/ Salina De La Renta vs. Pentagon Jr.

  • The fat skeleton vs. the ninja skeleton.
  • Park jumps Pentagon just as Penta was making his way down the ramp. Cornette already tells us that the ref will be lax with the rules. Which is code for “this is basically no dq unless the finish calls for it.”
  • Park ties Pentagon’s head up on the top rope. Pentagon has a headband on his mask because he is a ninja. It really bit him in the ass for that spot.
  • Instead of continuing the offense, LA Park dances for the crowd, takes off his belt and whips the hell out of Penta.
  • Salina starts choking Pentagon in front of the referee. Then tries to slyly kick Pentagon behind the referee’s back. It’s outrageous how there is only rules during certain parts of the match.
  • Salina tries to remove Pentagon’s mask, but Pentagon forces a kiss on Salina to the delight of the crowd?
  • This match is weird as shit. There is no in ring story really. There are no rules really. Salina is in charge of the show but does nothing when Pentagon forces himself on her. This makes no sense.
  • Pentagon has the match in control, until he plays to the crowd. MLW matches seem to play out the same way. Anytime a wrestler loses control of the match, it’s because they play to the crowd.
  • LA Park ignites the crowd and commentary team when he does a tope suicida through the turnbuckles and lands right onto Pentagon. It was a sight to behold.
  • LA Park gets Pentagon into the ring and then hits a spear for the win.

And I’m Like… It’s weird how Salina didn’t play a part in the finish of any of the matches. It’s hard for me to get invested in “wrestling for the sake of wrestling” matches. This was a good wrestling match, really confusing if you put logic into it. If you just watch it to be entertained, you’ll be entertained.

Salina De La Renta cuts a promo after the match, thanking the crowd for their disgusting money. The fans threw money into the ring and LA Park is picking it up. Salina says New York smells like an armpit. Thn she says she got a gift from the sponsor. It really just is Mance Warner in a box. He pops out as the show goes off the air. He is instantly over, because he came out of a box.

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