How The AEW TV Deal Could be Affected by WWE Rating Decline

Created and Designed by Michael Valente; Squared Circle Psychobabble

WWE’s Ratings Drop to Record Lows and AEW Could Either Take This to Their Advantage or Negatively Affected in their TV Deal

It’s no secret that WWE had their lowest non-holiday ratings during their April 29th episode of Raw and April 30th episode of Smackdown Live. The worldwide leader in sports entertainment has seen drops in their ratings for quite some time now. Many could point to the poor content WWE provides on a weekly basis while others will point to their social media use that enables people to skip the live shows and just watch the segments on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media.

However, no other company has stepped up to the plate to be a reliable alternative when it comes to professional wrestling on cable television. That is until All Elite Wrestling was announced on January 1st. Since then, many wrestling fans dying for something else to watch finally see a light at the end of the tunnel with many speculating a pending TV deal with the said company and Turner Sports (TBS, TNT, HBO, etc.). But is that the case?

This All Elite Wrestling TV Deal Needs To Be Announced Soon!

We’re about two weeks away from their first show Double or Nothing and yet we have no information about a television deal. Where will it be broadcast? When will it start their weekly episodes? Do we not know the answers is it because they are slowly announcing their information to keep intrigue or is there not one in place?

How can WWE’s Ratings Affect the All Elite Wrestling TV Deal?

A TV network’s main goal is to provide content that people want to watch, will watch and attract advertisers to their network. If the number 1 wrestling company continues to have their ratings drop despite having arguably their best roster and now it has reached record lows, then what does a Network exec think about that? Do they think we need the alternative to turn things around for the industry or is it that people just don’t want to watch wrestling like they did in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In this episode of the Squared Circle Psychobabble. Michael and Ralph Valente discuss how this could affect AEW and their impending TV deal, what advantages and disadvantages they may have in negotiations. And why Tony Khan’s expertise outside of wrestling will really help gain leverage for AEW.