Former Writer Reveals Phrase He Was Told Not To Use When Speaking With Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is known as a peculiar individual. Many instances have been shown to highlight Vince’s erratic behavior. From hating sneezes, to pooping his pants before going on television, to thinking Wade Keller writing up that Vince eats pizza is a bad thing.


@allan_cheapshot tweeted out a thread of Vince’s crazy stories. A writer for the movie 12 Rounds which was part of WWE Films, replied to the thread with an interesting story.


“I wrote 12 ROUNDS and had a conference call with Vince to talk story. I was told before the call under no uncertain terms was I to use the phrase “to be honest with you”.


Apparently a previous writer had said that and Vince went off asking if the guy was lying the entire time.”

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