“Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know” Podcast Debuts Featuring WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan

“Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know” Full Premiere with Bryan Danielson (aka WWE’s Daniel Bryan)

JimmyJacobs.com – May 1 is an important date for Jimmy Jacobs. The Impact Wrestling writer and producer and international wrestling star had his first wrestling match 20 years ago to the day, two years ago he entered rehab, and today he launches his new podcast, “Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know” with his first guest Bryan Danielson (aka WWE’s Daniel Bryan) to “figure out some answers in life”.

Jimmy and Bryan have known each other for a long time. Hear Bryan talk about:

* “YES!” chants being an out-of-body experience.
* How WrestleMania 30 was marked with “joy and death and loss” after the passing of the Ultimate Warrior, 8-year-old WWE fan Connor Michalek, and his father in the days following.
* Bryan’s guilt over “getting people to buy things and waste their life watching screens”.
* Being a digital minimalist while living with cameras almost 24/7
* The idea of people living to be 500 years old.

The multiple time WWE champion also shares his depression after his forced retirement, his passion for ants, the joy of “yellow” as a parent, and his own aspirations.

Find out about the “Bryan and Jimmy” book club in this episode, as well.

You can listen to the entire debut episode of Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know featuring former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan below.

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Next Wednesday, Amy Dresner, author of “My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean” joins Jimmy. Amy is a former professional stand-up comic, editor for TheFix.com, writer, and fellow recovering addict.

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