MLW Fusion Recap Episode 55: Hart Foundation vs Dynasty

Last week on MLW Fusion: Air Wolf and Rey Horus lost to the Lucha Bros in a tremendous match, absolutely worth checking out. Josef Samael loaded his boot by stomping his toe on the ground and kicked Ace Romero. Then Contra Unit beat up on Acey Baby and Barrington Hughes. Gringo Loco continues to rise the ranks by defeating Puma King. Mid-match Sami Callihan and Mance Warner became a team when El Hijo De LA Park and Ricky Martinez decided to jump them.

Cold Open

Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone are talking while walking backstage like it’s some Aaron Sorkin shit. Only problem is, it was outdoors and windy, so you couldnt hear anything. Then we see that The Hart Foundation returned The Dynasty’s car. It had used condoms in there and unopened boxes of expo markers and corn syrup.

This is still the New York taping from WrestleMania weekend.

MLW is going to have another championship. It’s called the National Openweight Championship. No women’s division though. No mention of one or anything. It’s crazy to me in 2019 there isn’t one in this company.

Jordan Oliver vs. Kotto Brazil

  • Jordan Oliver is making his debut. His gimmick is “kid who listens to Eminem and models life after that one move Kids” which really hits home when he comes out to a “Guilty Conscious” instrumental, which has the lyrics “ain’t you ever see that one movie Kids?” He is only 19 though, so it’s a weird gimmick for him.
  • This is a middleweight division match.
  • So Kotto still has an eye patch. I only see him wrestle in MLW, so I don’t know if it’s legit or not. He used to wrestle without the eye patch, but then-in storyline- Kotto got glass in his eye and had to wear an eye patch. Now he is always wearing it.
  • Jordan Oliver decides to attack Kotto’s good eye. Oliver is real good at getting people to hate him. He has a punchable face and just an overall annoying demeanor. Commentary says he invited his family to the MLW taping but they don’t like him enough to support him.
  • Jordan is much too cocky and gets caught taunting. Kotto attacks, performs his comeback and doesn’t let up. After a HUGE frog splash, Kotto almost had the match won but Jordan kicked out at two and a half.
  • Salina De La Renta and Ricky Martinez show up. Kotto is still mad about losing his eye. So he gets distracted.
  • Jordan goes for a distraction roll up. Gets two. Goes for some weird stunner move. Gets two. Salina and Ricky are yelling at Jordan to get the job done. It is unknown if Jordan is affliated with Salina.
  • Kotto starts hitting suicide dive after suicide dive. That leaves him open for Martinez to grab his leg. Kotto ain’t having none of that though and jumps onto Ricky. That leaves Jordan available to hit a springboard cutter for the win. Salina celebrates but not with Jordan.

And I’m Like… This match was a good showing for Oliver. Nice debut, but it doesn’t look like he is Salina affiliated. I think she just interfered to humiliate Kotto. I like that even if there isn’t a story to start the match. One develops to end it.

MLW has signed Avalanche Robert Dreissker who is supposedly Germany’s number one wrestler. I would say it’s Marcel Barthel but that’s just me.

Avalanche cut a promo about how he is coming to MLW for the World Heavyweight Championship. Very very pro wrestling yelling angry promo.

We see a “moments ago” video where Pillman Jr. gets a conchirto on his arm from the Dynasty, most likely taking him out of the match.

Ace Austin vs. Rey Horus

  • Ace is undefeated in Impact Wrestling and is on quite a roll in MLW. Really making a name for himself, just wish he did more magic in the ring.
  • As Rey Horus comes out, I remember that I heard that MLW has many luchadores featured on their television because BeIN Sports is bigger in Mexico that it is in American.
  • Cornette says Rey Horus is cousins with Rey Mysterio Jr. He is also a former CRASH tag team champion. I love me some Cornette wrestling history. The man’s brain amazes me.
  • Cornette and Rich spend the first few minutes of the match talking about how Jim Cornette is losing a lot of weight, down to 203 pounds. Then they mention how if you work for MLW you don’t have time to eat and that they are chained to the table.
  • Rey and Ace both get some offense in but it’s still a feeling out process. Commentary are talking about Meatloaf lyrics. As you do when you watch wrestling.
  • Cornette said that MLW officials have been told to be more assertive and not so lax on the rules. I love that this has been brought up because damn, those refs let everything go.
  • Horus keeps trying to attack Ace but Austin is able to dodge and counter strike. Austin slows the pace down with some headlocks while the crowd tries to rile Horus up.
  • Ace Austin pulled the mask off of Rey Horus. Cornette said that would be front page news in Mexico if anyone was able to take a picture of that.
  • We get a picture in picture of the update on Brian Pillman Jr.
  • Horus lands a huge kick and a slingshot tornillo onto Austin to turn the tide of the match. The crowd is excited for it.
  • Commentary really hammering home how important a mask is to lucha culture. Which is a talking point EVERY time a luchadore has his mask attacked.
  • After a nearfall for Horus, a chop battle breaks into a strike battle, it’s weird to not hear thigh slaps when kicks land. You know you’ve watched too much wrestling when you think a kick didn’t land because you didn’t hear a slap.
  • Rey Horus hit one of the most dangerous moves I’ve ever seen. Cornette calls it an inverted top rope hurricanrana. It was bonkers and I feared for Ace’s life taking that bump.

And I’m Like… That match was weird. It kind of was all over the place, with backstage updates, commentary not focusing on the match the whole time. The match didn’t have much of a story until the final parts of the second act. That finish though, Yowee Wowee.

We see Salina De La Renta on the phone and she blows off Low Ki who wants to prepare for the Openweight championship. Next week is a show produced by Salina De La Renta.

Tom Lawlor cuts a cell phone promo. He sounds like a good talker, but it just doesn’t feel real. It feels too pro wrestling if that makes sense. Like Tom Lawlor is playing Tom Lawlor.

Six Man Table Match

The Dynasty vs. The Hart Foundation

  • It’s very telling that Rich says “Hammerstone leads They Dynasty to the ring”. MJF doesn’t seem like a follower. I feel like The Dynasty fits together as a group but their ego’s might lead to dissension in the future.
  • All but Davey Boy Smith Jr. is beat up. Teddy has his ribs taped up and Pillman Jr. isn’t even there.
  • Teddy brings his “trained” cat Mr. Velvet to the ring. Some people say that the cat is drugged up, but it might just be chill as hell. Teddy has a lot of cats in his possession and this might be the best behaved one.
  • Teddy is wearing a glitter outfit again!! That means that there will be glitter everywhere! That’s my favorite thing in MLW.
  • “Hart Foundation/Dynasty” dueling chants in the crowd.
  • This match has been building for a few months now. The Dynasty got Teddy arrested and beat up Pillman, Hart Foundation stole Dynasty’s car and like fucked people in it? and bought EXPO markers.
  • Before the match starts Cornette is on some shit. He asks Rich “Do you have any naked pictures of your ex-wife?” Rich said “No” and then Cornette offered Rich one. Rich kind of laughed and said maybe that’s why he got divorced.
  • The match starts with Teddy throwing the first punch and singlehandedly taking on The Dynasty. Davey joins the fray.
  • Hart Foundation are murdering The Dynasty right now. MJF ends up hiding under the ring.
  • Commentary doesn’t bring up that MJF is hiding. Good news though, Dynasty are now covered in glitter.
  • MJF gets back into the match after Teddy and Davey take apart Richard. Davey is really just assisting Teddy as he does movez. Teddy matches are so slow because it’s just him doing big movez with little done in between.
  • Davey hits a top rope powerslam and then Hart and Smith trade top rope moves. Teddy with a moonsault and Davey with a headbutt. A table is finally brought into the match but Hammerstone is able to wrestle it away from Davey.
  • Cornette calls Hammerstone a future legend of the business and future world champion. Now The Dynasty is doing big movez.
  • Hammerstone and Davey both hit stalling suplexes on Teddy and MJF. They stare at each other, both hold with one arm, get in each other’s faces and the crowd barely reacts. What a fun spot that was.
  • Teddy seems to have a dislocated shoulder. He is using the railing to get it back into socket. Brian Pillman finally shows up with his arm bandaged up.
  • Must be a lot of adrenaline because Brian can use his injured arm.
  • The Hart Foundation hit a “Turbo Charged Canadian Destroyer” where Brian and Davey hip toss Teddy while doing a Canadian Destroyer. Then a Doomsday Destroyer off of the back of Hammerstone. Loudest the crowd popped all night.
  • Richard Holliday comes in to save the day and Hammerstone is able to glitterly powerbomb Brian Pillman Jr. through a door? It wasn’t a table I think.

And I’m Like… This was a weird match too. It was a Teddy Hart match for sure. Tons of movez, a little bit of story. I don’t get why the door counts as a table. Hart Foundation has a good argument for a rematch here.

I really didn’t feel that episode at all. Not sure why but it just seemed off.

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