Tony Atlas Says Sasha Banks Is Not Needed By WWE

Sasha Banks’ relationship with WWE is said to be in a big stalemate right now. This might prove to be a problem as the two can’t come to an agreement and will affect future plans. Sasha Banks wanted to quit the company and WWE didn’t allow that.

Tony Atlas has been in the professional wrestling business for decades and knows what WWE can do. While speaking to Boston Wrestling MWF, Atlas gave suggestions as to what should be done in this situation and according to him, WWE doesn’t need Sasha Banks.

“They never fire you on the spot. You always get it at home. That’s why they say go home and think about it. Now what they do, they have a meeting. Now, if she [does] decide to come back, they’re going to destroy her. Her career is over. They’ll job her out. She lost [reliability], because what she… just told them, ‘you can’t trust me.’ That’s all she did. She let the wrestling world [down], and not just the wrestling world; everybody [who is] affiliated with the WWE is looking at it the same way.”

“WWE don’t need Sasha Banks; Sasha Banks needs WWE.”

“You know how many women right now [are] kissing up to Triple H, kissing up to Stephanie [McMahon] and saying, ‘who are you gonna put in that spot?’ She left a spot. They’re glad she’s gone. Every woman there is glad Sasha’s gone. She’s gone. Vince is not going to let [her do that]. If Vince let her do that, [this is] what you gotta understand, he just told every wrestler there that they could do that.”

This incident might not end well for Sasha Banks, as she might be dropped to the lower cards of the roster upon returning to the company. It was also reported that Banks might be going to Smackdown Live once she comes back.

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