Former WWE Writer Posts Video About Leaving WWE And His Future

Leading up to WrestleMania and the fallout of WrestleMania has been tumultuous. There have been many wrestlers asking for their release and multiple backstage personal either quitting or being released.

One former writer Robert Evans, aka Archibald Peck aka Latvian Proud Oak aka Mixed Martial Archie aka The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger aka R.D. Evans, quit WWE before he could be fired, the night of the Hall of Fame.

Evans was tasked with being Bret Hart’s writer for the Hall of Fame speech. After Hart was attacked by a fan, the backstage area was said to be extremely tense. Bret Hart then did the number one Hall of Fame no-no, said Vince McMahon’s name. Vince then took his anger out on the writer of the segment, Robert Evans. The story goes that since Evans knew his firing was imminent, he walked up to Vince McMahon and quit on the spot.

After posting a picture of his shopping list on Twitter, fans were quick to point out that he also wrote he quit WWE. Since then not much was said by Evans. That is until three days ago when he posted this on his Twitter, as well as changing his name to R.D. “Quitman” Evans.

In the video, he is re-enacting himself quitting WWE, getting bleeped for saying “Vince” and having his phone taken away for tweeting. Then he contemplates what to do with his life, before ultimately deciding to start wrestling again. Evans quickly changes his mind and says he doesn’t want to wrestle… unless it’s against Orange Cassidy. Evans can then be heard saying “Road Dogg is going to hate this match”.

It’s unknown if anyone has booked this match, or what character The Quitman will be when the match takes place. It’s sure to be memorable either way.

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