Tessa Blanchard on her match with Gail Kim at Rebellion

Tessa Blanchard took part in IMPACT Wrestling‘s media interview session at the United We Stand event in Rahway, New Jersey. Blanchard on living up to her family’s name, wrestling at Madison Square Garden for Lucha Libre AAA in September, the differences between IMPACT Wrestling and WOW Superheroes, as well as her thoughts on her match with Hall of Famer Gail Kim at Rebellion.

Jeff Martin- Tessa at Rebellion you and Gail Kim will face each other in a sort of dream match. What are your thoughts on your opponent, Gail Kim?

Tessa Blanchard- “I have high respect for Gail Kim; without a doubt, she’s one of the best. When women’s wrestling was fighting to be what it is today, Gail was trying to make it happen before it happened. That’s where I’ve been thinking the past few weeks, is I think that Gail knows she was one of the best, and she’s at the top of IMPACT. She’s a Hall Of Famer, she’s a legend, and that’s why she’s trying to stop me. She sees what’s coming and she sees what everyone else sees—I’m going to surpass her. She’s been holding me back because I will surpass her, and at Rebellion she’s going to see that.”

Below is the full interview with Tessa Blanchard from The United We Stand media session on The High Spot Podcast YouTube Channel.

Photo Credit- Leeza Morales Photography

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