Fantasy Booking

Fantasy Booking. We’ve all done it right? Sat there, watched a show, and said “Hey I can book that better!”. I know I have. Literally actually did it too, but that’s for another time.

So what if we took a fed, and made it our own? OUR. You, the fans, and me, the writer? What if you all picked the people you wanted on the roster, from various feds? Any fed, any where, any time.

Yes. Time. Ultimate Warrior vs Mustafa Ali? Bob Orton vs Bray Wyatt? It can happen,and it will. See I promised an article about second life wrestling, then tragedy struck. My hard drive crashed, and I also left Second Life for Final Fantasy 14. So for now that article is out the window. Instead, I decided to make a fantasy booking. We’re going to start by making our own little fed.

To acquire the “stars”, we’re going to “Draft” talent from all over the world. Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. We’re going to go through and each day or so I’ll make a poll with 4 wrestlers. What YOU dear readers will do, is vote for who you want. The top 2 go through. The bottom 2 will be reserved for major PPV run ins and such.

We will run 1 show a week to start. 5 matches. To start I’ll weave the storylines each week for the players, and eventually we’ll come to major decisions. That’s where you once again come in. You’ll pick the storyline choice, think of it as a choose your own adventure. I’ll put up a longer poll for 48 hours that week, and the result will happen next week.

For pay per views, we’re goign to go old school. We’ll start with 4. We’re going to start the week after Mania, when everything is “Reset”. We’ll run the first TV show, I’m going to call it “Worldwide.” Eventually we’ll introduce other shows, and other PPV’s, if this thing takes off and i can dedicate the time to it.
As for the federation name, I’m going to go with BWA, Bodyslam Wrestling Alliance. Since this is for
We’ll start probably in late may once the rosters are built. Maybe mid-may. We’ll see!

So to recap! New fed, “BWA”, First show will be “Cassidy Sucks”. No I’m kidding. It’ll be “Worldwide”. Roster made by YOU, the fans. 4 PPVs to start, maybe the random house show thrown in here or there. Decisions made via twitter polls.
So, give me wrestler names from other feds besides WWE and we’ll kick this off! Follow me on twitter and tweet me the names, @LaurenCr3!