NXT Recap: Episode 501 – Takeover Hangover

Last week on NXT: Takeover fucking happened and it ruled ass. The War Raiders defeated Aleister Black and Ricochet, sending them to the main roster. Matt Riddle and Velveteen Dream had an absolute classic. Pete Dunne made WALTER a star while losing his UK Championship to the Austrian. Shayna Baszler survived a four way match with Bianca BelAir, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai. Johnny Gargano finally became NXT Champion by defeating Adam Cole for the vacated championship. The match was outstanding which brought the NXT crowd to a fever pitch. I had never heard a crowd so loud in so long. Oh yeah and Tommaso Ciampa came out to hug Gargano.

Cold Open

So, I guess this is episode 501. That means episode 500 was Takeover. Every single episode of Takeover is counted as a regular ass NXT episode. It took me 500 episodes to realize that. That is really weird to me.

We see a recap of episode 500 and then a brand new NXT introduction. It’s Slipknot and it’s angry. I forever stan the Coheed and Cambria theme song.

Aliyah w/Vanessa Borne vs. Cadice LeRae

  • Aliyah is such a good heel, I know this because I can’t stand her and it makes me so bias it takes a lot for me to find good things about her.
  • This story is, Candice was talking about her husband last week and Aliyah and Vanessa made fun of her. So Candice challenged Aliyah to a match.
  • Candice had everything well in hand until she decided to focus on Vanessa Borne and not Aliyah.
  • The crowd isn’t reacting much, which is a shame because Candice is very talented. I expected a big response to her.
  • Aliyah talking some smack and slapping Candice in the face. There is legit no reaction from the crowd, it’s so weird because this was the same molten crowd that Takeover had. This match is on earlier too, which means the crowd should have more energy.
  • Candice went for a lionsault, she more hit her head on Aliyah’s head and hurt her knee on the move. Maybe that shouldn’t be her finish?

And I’m Like… That was weirdly underwhelming. I can’t really describe what happened but everything was off. From the crowd reactions to the action in the ring.

NXT shows a promo Velveteen Dream cut backstage at Wrestlemania. He cut it on his Twitter and talked shit to Buddy Murphy’s face about how Buddy is trash.

The commentator’s refer to NXT as the “Black and Gold” brand.. I thought it was yellow?

Oh yeah.. Kushida is on NXT now!!!!!

Jaxson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons vs. Danny Burch w/ Oney Lorcan

  • Really digging Oney Lorcan being on all of WWE’s sub-brands. Dude’s on NXT UK, NXT US and 205 Live. Talented individual.
  • Jaxson Ryker hasn’t really had that good of matches on NXT, I think his wrestling style is gonna look good on the main roster, it just doesn’t vibe on what is now called the black and gold brand.
  • Ryker and Burch start off fast and furious. Ryker has very basic offense but he is uber aggressive when he attacks. Everything seems urgent and like it hurts.
  • Burch is usually good for a brawl, but Ryker is dominating the match while the crowd chats “you suck”.
  • Burch is able to get his comeback going and really lights up the crowd. The dude is hitting great dropkicks and punches. Oney Lorcan comes in and dives out of the ring to take out the Forgotten Sons.
  • Danny almost gets a flash pin on Ryker but Jaxson kicks out and then dominates the rest of the match and wins.

And I’m Like… That match was fast, and served it’s purpose. To show that Oney and Danny are still fighters and to show that Forgotten Sons win matches as a unit. Sickest moment was, there was a post match beatdown and Ryker ended up getting spit all up in his beard. Then Cutler, unknowingly, grabs Ryker’s beard, right where the spit was. Grossed me out.

We see Shayna cut a post match promo after Takeover. Shayna says it doesn’t matter who she faces, she will always win.

We get a video package on Gargano’s championship win, him being the first ever NXT triple crown. Then an interview with the Undisputed Era backstage, Adam Cole was blaming Roderick Strong and then told camerman to turn the camera off.

Street Profits vs. Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner

  • The Street Profits, Montez Ford specifically, are one of the most fun tag teams out there. They are all charisma and have some of the most exciting matches. This team is just a mood and I love it.
  • I also am a big fan of Aichner and Barthel. Since the first time I’ve watching Marcel, I’ve been a fan. Aichner is talented as hell as well but Barthel, for me, just has that IT factor.
  • Montez Ford is able to handle both Barthel and Aichner until Marcel hits a gorgeous reverse suplex type thing. Instantly rolls to his knee to mug for the camera. Just seamless wrestling going on right now.
  • Montez is still a little too showboaty and it cost him. Barthel and Aichner took control of the match and are doing quick tags interspersed with double team moves.
  • Montez does a beautiful counter and dodge of both Aichner and Marcel to get the hot tag. This crowd is saving ALL the energy for the Takeover show.
  • The weird American audience reaction to a hot tag happens. Where there is a pop for the initial tag and then no reaction at all until the face taunts to the crowd.
  • Aichner and Barthel hit some amazing double team dropkick on Ford. Barthel dives onto Dawkins outside of the ring as Aichner hits a springboard moonsault. It was a sequence of beauty that got and deserved a “NXT” chant.
  • Ford kicked out in what I thought would have been the finish. Then Ford was able to counter the Marcel and Fabian finisher, Dawkins came in for a spear to even the playing field.
  • Street Profits hit the Doomsday Blockbuster for the win.

And I’m Like… Ford doesn’t jump, the fucker floats. These was outstanding wrestling. So much talent in the damn ring. If this is the future of WWE tag team wrestling, the future is bright.

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