Justin Credible Injures Wrestler Gory – Gory Says Credible Was On Drugs

Wrestlemania weekend has come and gone. With over 50 events scheduled in the New York area in a five day span, news about some events is just starting to come out.

The one promotion that made the most noise for all the wrong reasons was Blackcraft Wrestling. Their show No Apologies was absolutely bonkers, which we reviewed here.

The battle royal planned that night happened 10 minutes before the show went off the air, which brought absolute chaos. Apparently the chaos was not controlled.

Maffew from Botchamania shared a GIF of Justin Credible throwing a chair into the battle royal. That started off a chain of replies that unearthed the fact that Credible was seemingly on drugs/drunk and the chair that was thrown sent independent wrestler Gory to the ER.

Jason Gory commented on the incident in a recent tweet saying:

“Thank you Justin Credible. Ecw was amazing but now you’re nothing but a wreckless drunk/drugged up piece of shit.

It’s been well documented that Justin has had substance abuse problem for most of his career. There has been a documentary on Credible that has been in the works for years, as well as a new podcast Justin has started. Hopefully Justin heads on the right path soon.

We at Bodyslam wish Gory the best in his recovery.


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