Message to WWE fans: As it pertains to RAW After ‘Mania – Calm down

If we think back about the previous months leading up to WrestleMania 35, we are reminded of the constant dissatisfaction with WWE creative/Vince McMahon’s decisions of what we would see on television. From Kofi Kingston being denied WWE title opportunities, to Brock Lesnar’s seemingly endless reign as the absentee Universal champion, to Asuka losing the Smackdown live women’s title just 12 days before the shows of shows, to Becky Lynch being suspended, reinstated and disrespected by the Authority… The list goes on and on, and as fans we had a reason to be upset.

That being said: AT WRESTLEMANIA WE ALL GOT WHAT WE WANTED, so just because we didn’t get exactly what we wanted on the #RawAfterMania doesn’t mean we should be angry all over again. No, this writer did not like the Bar interfering in the Winner Take All match between new WWE Champion Kofi and new Universal Champion Seth, but let’s be honest: When this match was made, did we really think either one of those guys would lose their title? No. The problem is we wanted someone more entertaining (like the Undisputed Era for example) to be who interfered. It’s ok to be a little disappointed, but we can’t get what we want every time. I think Big E said it best in a recent tweet:

The fact is, if we got what we wanted as fans all the time, we wouldn’t appreciate moments like what took place at WrestleMania on Sunday night. Ok, #RawAfterMania wasn’t great this year, but we have KOFI KINGSTON AS WWE CHAMPION, we have BECKY LYNCH AS THE UNIFIED WWE WOMEN’S CHAMPION, and we have SETH ROLLINS AS THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION. Ladies and gentlemen, at WM35 we won! So, as it pertains to the night after on Raw, everyone please calm down.

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