Slaying The Beast

“Slaying The Beast”

I for one was genuinely excited for the return of Brock Lesnar to WWE after a 8 year hiatus from the company.

Lesnar always brought a Big Fight feel to any show he would be appearing on. Lesnar started having an extreme rules match with John Cena and then went on destroy the COO Triple H by breaking his arm with the dangerous Kimura lock. The Beast was unleashed and He was hungry for Gold.

Lesnar was not just content with annihilating the roster he wanted to ascend the top of the mountain. Within 2 years from his return he dominated the current World Heavyweight Champion Cena. From the start of the bell Lesnar executed a Thunderous F5 followed by a total of 16 German suplexes. The most one-sided championship match in WWE history.

WrestleMania 35 is 6 days away and Lesnar has been the Universal Champion for nearly 2 long years, he’s held the title hostage. Only showing up to Monday Night Raw when he feels like it, not giving a damn what the WWE Universe thinks. Allowing Paul Heyman who is magic on the microphone to hype all his fights while Lesnar jumps around like an ape.

This year we needed a Savior to come and rescue us from this madness. Someone who has passion and heart and love for this business. Someone who is a terrifically gifted athlete that can do amazing things in the ring. We Need Seth FREAKIN Rollins! The Kingslayer or shall we say BeastSlayer?

It has been almost 3 years since Rollins held the WWE Championship around his waist. That Rollins was a conniving run away like a weasel heel who would pull any trick in the book to win his matches and gloat about his victories. Rollins would whine and complain about his shortcomings during his title reign, this is not the same Seth Rollins though.

Rollins and Lesnar have had multiple encounters over the last 4 years. Once during a monstrous main event where Brock Lesnar defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31. While both men were down and out Rollins came down and cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to win the Championship from Lesnar, without even pinning the champion.

The next time they would meet would be for Rollin’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Lesnar dominated most of the match, Rollins had some unique counters for Lesnar though. Unfortunately we never got a definitive conclusion due to the interference and return of The Undertaker. Rollins the weasel he was ran out of dodge and left the scene of the crime.

Lesnar has had to fight smaller competitors over the last couple of years and he’s had to change up his formula for success. At Survivor Series 2017 Brock Lesnar went toe to toe with The WWE Champion Aj Styles, while Lesnar did dominate the match, his opponent got the best of him. Suckered Lesnar in at times and also had some amazing counters for Lesnar’s offense.

This last Survivor Series Lesnar once again faced someone of smaller size in a Brand New Daniel Bryan, Bryan played several mind games with Lesnar. Lesnar again took his opponent to Suplex City and repeat. This time though Bryan decided to take a cheap shot while the referee was down, delivered a low blow and then darted off the ropes to deliver a running knee finisher.

His latest opponent was Finn Balor, again a man of smaller statue, with the heart of a lion though. Balor took advantage of Lesnar ramming him into the announce table repeatedly injuring Lesnar’s ribs. Playing off of Lesnar’s Diverticulitis in the past, Balor came so close to beating Lesnar, however when he ascended from the skies to deliver the Coup De Grace, Lesnar was able to lock in the Kimura Lock and force a tap out.

I believe I speak to almost all of the WWE Universe when saying Lesnar has held the Universal Championship hostage for long enough. He’s made Monday Night Raw (WWE’s Longest Flagship Show) a B level show with no top Championship for competitors to fight for. The Intercontinental Championship which is a mid-card championship has been the focal point of Raw for far too long.

Rollins will be bringing every move in his arsenal, every trick in the book. Rollins will be bringing the fight to Lesnar like he’s never seen before and if Upper Management is ready to listen to the WWE Universe and give us a full time champion then we can finally be rid of Lesnar!



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