NXT Recap: Episode 499

Last week on NXT: Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole spit hot fire at each other. Cole is entitled, Johnny is the underdog who had to fight to get where he is. It’s gonna be a hell of a match, with or without the storylines. Shayna Baszler beat up a bunch of women because she isn’t being treated how she deserves. Velveteen Dream distracted Matt Riddle in his win over Kona Reeves, by coming out on a got dang couch, while drinking out a chalice, escorted by two women, with the championship belt draped sensually over his lap. Ricochet and Aleister Black won the Dusty Rhodes Classic and will face Tag Champion War Raiders at NXT Takeover:New York.

War Raiders vs. Enhancement Talent

  • The match starts with the crowd chanting “Let’s Go Jobbers”, which, hell yeah Full Sail. I support that shit.
  • War Raiders are killing their opponents. No offense generated by the losing team. That was quick as hell.
  • Rowe got on the mic and asked for more opponents. They wanted to deliver a message to their Takeover opponents.

Cezar Bononi and Adrian Jaoude vs. War Raiders

  • War Raiders are up aginst the two dudes on NXT that I have names that I have the hardest time remembering. They both have distinct looks. Well Jaoude does. Cezar looks like Italian Dijakovic. I don’t even think Cezar is Italian either.
  • War Raiders dominate.. Absolutely dominate. They win too.

And I’m Like… War Raiders are special. They have such an aesthetic. They have a great viking gimmick, entrance is memorable and they can fucking go. Agile and strong and smashmouth, fantastic.

Walter is winning this right? There is no way he isn’t winning. How crazy is that, a 685 day reigning champion and he is the underdog. Fun fact, I went to Great Clips two days ago with pictures of Walter’s haircut. The lady gave me the wrong haircut. It’s more like young Walter instead of present Walter. Dunne asked for the match with Walter. This will most likely be the match of the night, possibly the weekend, indie events included.

Candice is interviewed about her thoughts on her husband. Candice turns it around to the women’s championship match. Vanessa Borne and Aliyah show up. Aliyah reminds me of a better version of my niece. Vanessa and Aliyah call Candice a failure, Vanessa calls Candice a “lower” too. Candice said she will knock Aliyah on her boujee ass.

Jaxson Ryker vs. Oney Lorcan

  • Oney Lorcan is, what Humberto Carrillo was. All over NXT and 205 Live. I don’t know if that’s planned, as a way to cross over NXT and 205 Live fans? But I’m pretty sure every single person who watches 205 Live, watches NXT. Oh yeah and Oney and his partner Danny Burch are in a feud with the NXT:UK tag team champions the Grizzled Young Vets.
  • Oh and the WWE YouTube page says Jaxso Ryker.
  • The Forgotten Sons are just Grizzled Vets.
  • I am not sure if Jaxson is the leader of the Sons or what. Mauro called him the “heavy hitter” so I don’t think that makes him the leader. Forgotten Sons are an enigma wrapped in a mystery.
  • Does Jaxson have a move called Ryker’s Island? If he doesn’t, why not?
  • They have a hard nosed opening bit, just rough submissions and strikes. Oney been on 205 Live a bit, so you know he has to have a battle on the top rope spot. Ryker is just picking Oney apart.
  • Oney gains an advantage by grabbing Ryker’s beard and just slapping the shit out of Jaxson. Oney is selling his ribs while delivering all of his offense.
  • Jaxson hits his No Remorse finisher in a flash and wins the match.

And I’m Like… That finish was shocking. It came out of no where. Oney was in the middle of his comeback and boy did it have fire. I like matches that stray a bit from the normal. It still followed all three acts but the third act was only two moves long. Makes it stand out more.

Johnny has to win this. Adam Cole can stand losing, Gargano needs to be the first NXT Triple Crown winner. If the U.K. Championship match doesn’t steal the weekend, this one sure will. Fuck Takeover is gonna be good.

Adam Cole’s picture for the Takeover match graphic has him cross eyed.

The North American Championship has been passed around too much, no way Dream loses. This one is really a pick em and I will fall for every nearfall.

We get a recap of Keith Lee and Dijakovic from FIVE weeks ago. This is the fourth time they’ve shown this match. Keith Lee gets interviewed about when the interview will happen. Keith says that he and Dijakovic’s match was bumped from Takeover. Truth is he got injured. Keith Lee and Dijakovic will happen at NXT episode 501.

Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair

  • The women are the only ones that didn’t get a hype video besides the tag team match. So I’m thinking some shenanigans will happen at the end of the match.
  • Bianca Belair is such a mood. She has that entrance DOWN! By the time the bell rings, you already know she’s a star.
  • “Let’s Go Kair/EST” dueling chants.
  • Bianca blew a kiss to Kairi, who caught the kiss, ripped it up and stomped on it. Kairi then twirled her hair and stomped around like Bianca does.
  • Kairi has no fucks left to give and hit a huge spear, tossed Bianca outside and hit a Kabuki elbow. The crowd in unison cheering for Kairi.
  • God Sane is so f’n good at wrestling. The emotion she is able to convey is untouchable.
  • Bianca is the strongest though so you know she is over powering Kairi and gaining control of the match.
  • Belair starts working over the back of Kairi. Belair oozes confidence and while she is slapping Kairi, Bianca is also taunting her.
  • Bianca does a one foot cover on Sane, does the pirate salute and says “Ahoy!” In a beautiful bit of trolling.
  • Kairi tries to combat Bianca with high flying offense but Belair just catches Sane in midair. Bianca goes for a frog splash and Kairi gets her knees up. These two are killing each other out here and it’s fantastic.
  • Bianca Belair has the most painful looking tattoos. On the tops of her shoulders and she has some lips on her spine.
  • Kairi is able to gain a bit of an advantage and she was able to walk the plank and hit a sliding elbow. Kairi goes to the top rope as Bianca stands up and Kairi still hits her elbow drop. Since it was on a standing Belair, Bianca was able to kick out.
  • Belair hits a spider superplex, hops off the top rope and hits a standing moonsault for two. Bianca is losing her cool and just keeps pinning Sane. Bianca crawls into a triangle choke that Belair powerbombs out of.
  • Shayna and the horsewomen run out to fuck up everyone’s party. Io shows up to save the day and we have a pier six brawl. God bless the time keeper for ringing the bell continuously. ALL THE WOMEN IN THE LOCKER ROOM come out to break up this madness. The crowd is not reacting like they should though. That is until Bianca presses Lacey Lane onto ALL the women. Then Io decides F it and moonsaults on everyone. The crowd his huge on her and chant “Io”.
  • Shirai grabs the championship, gets in the ring and holds it high.

And I’m Like… This fatal four way will be fantastic, give me any combination of any of these women and it will be tremendous. I can’t put the match over more than I already did, but if you aren’t hype for this fatal four way, check out this thread that was posted about how these women deserve to main event.

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