Rise 13 Legendary Results and Analysis (All Elite Wrestling invades)

12:37am – Just hours ago RISE 13 – Legendary took place in Berwyn, IL. This event was full of exciting wrestling action from an ultra talented roster as well as some every entertaining surprises.


THREE WAY DANCE: Session Moth Martina (surprise entrant in match) Def. Regina ‘Honey’ Badger and Thunder Kitty

TAG TEAM MATCH: Team Blue Nation Def. Team Sea Stars

SINGLES MATCH: Delilah Doom Def. Shotzi Blackheart (disqualification)

8 WOMAN TAG (Kris Wolf’s farewell match): Kris Wolf and Meat Friends Def. Su Yung and The Legion of Undead Brides

30 – WOMAN OVER THE TOP ROPE BATTLE ROYAL (Winner gets guaranteed Phoenix of Rise championship match anytime she wants):

  • Winner – Zoe Lucas
  • Notable entrants: Big Mama (most eliminations), Aerial Monroe (lasted longest in the match), Miranda Alize, AEW’s Penelope Ford, House of Glory Women’s champion Sonya Strong, and Priscilla Kelly.

GUARDIANS OF RISE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: The killer death Machines Def. Paradise Lost (New Champions).

  • During this contest, Former 2-time IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion and latest AEW signee Allie aka Cherry Bomb chased off Rosemary who was in Paradise Lost’s corner. This led to the K.D. Machines gaining the advantage and eventually, the Guardians of the Rise Tag Team Titles.

SINGLES MATCH: Alisha Edwards Def. Bel Pierce


PHOENIX OF RISE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Zoe Lucas Def. Kylie Rae (New Champion)

  • After a hard-fought contest between two top stars, Kylie was able to tap out Mercedes with a cross face. The celebration was on for the new champion. Kylie’s long time friend Miranda Alize joined Rae in the ring to celebrate, or so we thought. To the surprise of everyone, Alize attacked her friend in vicious fashion, until Kylie’s opponent and former champion Mercedes Martinez ran Alize away. After Mercedes forced Alize to leave the ringside area, winner of the #1 contender battle royal Zoe Lucas appeared and announced to the sold out crown she would be taking her championship opportunity right then and there. She would enter the ring, and after a scorpion kick, would pin Kylie Rae and become the new Phoenix of Rise Champion (the 2nd P.O.R. title change of the night).
  • In her celebration and arrogance, Zoe told Kylie and the audience that she just “beat the ELITE”. This would bring out a surprise appearance by All Elite Wrestling’s Brandi Rhodes, Britt Baker, and Nyla Rose. They would eventually beat down Zoe and company. From there Penelope Ford and Allie would join Rhodes, Baker, Rae, and Rose in the ring, as the pay-per-view ended with the capacity crowd chanting ‘AEW’.

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