More Evidence That “The Demon” Finn Balor Will Show Up At Wrestlemania

There has been speculation about the Wrestlemania plans for Finn Balor. He has been embroiled in a feud with Bobby Lashley over the Intercontinental championship the last month or so. That should mean that Finn will have a prominent role in this years Wrestlemania.

We have reported earlier that there are plans for Finn at Mania and that those plans might involve The Demon. This is exciting news if true, because Finn Balor has yet to have a Wrestlemania entrance as The Demon.

Last year was Finn’s first Wrestlemania and he wrestled as himself. The entrance was fantastic in it’s own right. The first LGBQT themed entrance in Wrestlemania history. That fits the narrative that Balor Club is fOr eVERyone.

Wrestlemania is only a week away and the New York/New Jersey area is swamped with WWE promotion. Brad Shepard sent out a tweet of a very interesting advertisement on the highway.

The signs do point to the WWE Universe finally getting a Demon entrance at Wrestlemania. Ever since Finn first debuted the Demon persona on NXT television, the talk of him getting a Wrestlemania entrance has heightened every year. This year could be the year.

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