REPORT: WWE Disinterested In Alberto Del Rio’s Return

Alberto Del Rio recently said that he has an open door to make a WWE return. He seemed very confident about this fact, but apparently, this doesn’t seem to be the case for WWE.

Fightful reports that multiple sources within WWE have confirmed that they have zero interest in having Del Rio come back to the company. This certainly isn’t a surprise to those who have followed Del Rio for the past couple of years now.

Del Rio has made a wealth of poor impressions on any number of wrestlers, staff and management in WWE, and his no-show issues last year aren’t lost on the company either.

It was also said that WWE won’t risk bringing him back considering how uncomfortable it would make Paige. The two used to date at one point of time and it did not end on a good note.

It is also reported that this is a case of the negatives far outweighing the positives regarding Alberto’s WWE return. So there is no animosity between him and WWE, but he simply hasn’t “worked to repair” some bad impressions he has made.

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