Womens Wrestling Gimmicks

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This week on the Omega Luke Wrestling Podcast I was joined by the always endearing SwitchBabe Courtney Summers and the Mother of all wrestling community, Amy O @PhoenixNJPW.

I thought these two would be the perfect guests to talk about the gimmicks in women’s wrestling! We begin by talking about the evolution (no pun intended) with the women’s gimmicks, from the sexy playboy models of the late 90s and early 00s into recent times.

I highlight a few women wrestlers who I feel really brought something different to the “gimmick” of women’s wrestling including Beth Phoenix, AJ Lee and Paige.

The ladies give their opinions on these different wrestlers and then I drop the name which is the reason I wanted to talk about this topic. Ronda Rousey.

I explain my feelings on Ronda this last year and how I personally would have booked Rousey’s debut year in the WWE (After all, they don’t call me the King of Fantasy Booking for nothing).

Following this myself, Courtney and Amy discuss different women who currently have unique gimmicks and whether we think they work or not. Not only from WWE but NXT, NXT UK and on the indie scene.

You can listen to this BRILLIANT discussion on Podbean through the link below.


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