NXT Recap: Episode 497

Last week on NXT: The Dusty Rhodes Classic continued. The Forgotten Sons picked up an upset victory over Mustache Mountain, in what was The Forgotten Sons greatest match ever. Bianca Belair and Io Shirai wrestled to a no contest after Shayna Baszler got involved. That brough out Kairi Sane which ended up creating a fatal four way match at Takeover for the NXT Woman’s championship. #DIY lost to Aleister Black and Ricochet. The real story was at the end, Johnny Gargano faked a knee injury, Tommaso Ciampa tried to turn his back on Johnny but Gargano was ready and threw Ciampa into the LED board like Ciampa did to Johnny a couple years ago. This may or may not be the end to one of the greatest storylines in modern day professional wrestling.

  • HHH looks like Tommaso’s dad. It’s nice that Ciampa doesn’t have to relinquish his championship in person. I think it helps the character not having him there.
  • Big “Triple H” chant followed by an “NXT” chant from the crowd.
  • Anyone notice the weird wrinkles HHH has on the back of his head? When does that develop? Does my head look like that and I just don’t know it? Cause Batista’s head looks like a Shar Pei is sleeping on the back.
  • HHH comes out to announce Gargano vs. Ciampa for the NXT World Championship. Tommaso Ciampa is out for neck surgery though so HHH has to audible. Man we were so close to finishing the storyline, bitter fucking sweet.
  • HHH says Gargano is in the Takeover match for the championship. There will be a five way tonight for the other spot in the match. Velveteen Dream, Aleister Black, Adam Cole, Ricochet and Matt Riddle. Riddle is undefeated.
  • I really want Johnny to win and hold it until Tommaso comes back, then we can do a ladder match like HBK and Razor.

And I’m Like… Velveteen and Riddle got the biggest pops for that segment. I liked how it was quick and concise. The championship means a lot in NXT, there is a gang of dudes who are worthy of holding the championship and Gargano is already in the match!

Kona Reeves! Kona is caught leaving the men’s dressing room. He said the main event will be alright, but it won’t be the finest. I miss that guy,

The Forgotten Sons come out of the locker room next. They don’t have thoughts on tonight’s main event because they are next weeks main event. They were upset that they were forgotten. A buncha weirdos.

Promo parade of the main event competitors tonight. This episode has had zero wrestling right now….

Kairi and Io said they have no problem fighting each other at Takeover for the NXT Woman’s championship. Bianca Belair walks up and says that she is the one who will win the match.

Winner Goes To NXT Takeover To Wrestle For NXT Championship

Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream vs. Matt Riddle vs. Aleister Black vs. Ricochet

  • Sorry about the all caps, but this episode is super frustrating. It’s understandable why this episode exists. The shows were written with Tommaso Ciampa in mind. Now there is an audible so, NXT has to throw this match out there because we are two weeks away from Takeover. Mauro even says that there was a different show scheduled but this takes precedent over everything. It’s just annoying that the half of the show was commercials and meaningless promos.
  • It’s cool how everyone who comes out stops and stares at the NXT Championship that is on a pedestal on top of the entrance ramp. Those little moments make the championship seem that much more important.
  • The show is 49 minutes long and the first match started 33 minutes in. That is after entrances. This has to be the least wrestling on an NXT that isn’t a year end review show.
  • The match starts and it’s quickly just Velveteen Dream and Black wrestling for a bit. The WWE multi-man formula is in full force. One-on-one encounters that lead to more one-on-one’s, then there will be a bit where everyone is in the ring at once, then a finisher fest and a bunch of near falls and then finally the finish. I’m not saying that’s how THIS match will go, but that’s how WWE usually does these matches.
  • Every combination happened in this match. It was kind of cool to gauge a feel for how different men would match up.
  • It’s crazy that these dudes only get sixteen minutes and this match isn’t a straight up sprint. I mean I’m not expecting Lorcan and Burch tag team levels of a sprint, but at least fast nonstop action.
  • Dream is starting to wake the crowd up and make the match exciting. Dream does a few high risk moves, until Riddle stops it. Then Riddle reverses a kick on Black and puts Aleister into a submission.
  • Riddle and Cole end up in a strike battle that Riddle wins by locking in the Bromission. I’m surprised the match is still random one-on-one encounters.
  • Dream enters the strike battle and we now have a threesome.
  • Ricochet shows back up in the ring and I legit forgot he was even in the match. After all the striking and stuff all five men are laid out in the ring as the crowd chants “NXT”.
  • All five men ended up fighting on the top rope and a giant tower of doom spot happens. The crowd is way hyped for this, I don’t know why I’m not as hype as them. Maybe this match is meant for the live experience.
  • Dream and Black now get in a yay/boo strike battle. Dream can’t go toe-to-toe and blow for blow with Aleister.
  • This is still a one-on-one match. Every wrestler is resting on the floor until it’s their turn to wrestle in the ring, then when one goes in, one guy goes out. It’s ridiculous.
  • Riddle had the match won with a Bromission on Velveteen but Adm Cole came pulled the referee out. Then we get our finisher fest.
  • Ricochet hits a huge shooting star press on Riddle, Cole hit a knee to the back of Ricochet’s head and pinned Ricochet for the win. Adam Cole vs. Gargano at Takeover in a two out of three falls match.

And I’m Like… Cole vs. Gargano in NXT’s best match stipulation will be an amazing time. Unlike this last hour of filler and a poorly structured match. I honestly would rather watch Halftime Heat again. I don’t know if I’m tired or what, but that wasn’t really enjoyable.

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