NXT Recap: Episode 496

Last week on NXT: Aleister Black and Ricochet had a banger of a match against The European Union. The Forgotten Sons defeated Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch in another great match. Mustache Mountain beat Street Profits in what was the best match of the night. #DIY knocked off The Undisputed Era IN the match of the night. This was one of the greatest wrestling episodes of NXT of all time. Tag team wrestling is amazing when done right.

Cold Open

A video package highlighting the Dusty Rhodes Classic. The winning team faces The War Raiders at Takeover. The Raiders say each of the remaining teams names in gravely voices. This so far is the best tag tournament NXT has ever done. The amount of talent in NXT is incredible.

Mustache Mountain vs. Forgotten Sons

  • I don’t know how I feel about Mustache Mountain’s theme song. It’s a decent rock song, but I don’t feel like that rock type music fits their aesthetic. Even with their dope matching leather jackets.
  • For some reason I just think that the Forgotten Sons are just so ridiculous. I just don’t get them at all. It’s to the point where I just laugh when they come out because they are so “tough” and “hardcore”. With their screeching metal music and menacing glares.
  • Big ups to Mustache Mountain’s matching checkerboard gear. They are the Illuminati of wrestling.
  • Bate gets worked over early on in the match and gets a mild tag to Seven. I don’t know how I feel about tag matches that end their first act with a hot tag. It’s a nice way for the babyfaces to shine, but I feel like it dilutes the final hot tag that is bound to happen in act three.
  • Trent’s offense only lasted a few minutes before he became the face in peril. Full Sail tries to get a “Big Strong Bois” chant going, but it doesn’t catch on.
  • Tyler Bate has his hand reaching towards Seven for a majority of the beatdown. Holding the tag rope, but also bouncing in anticipation to get in the ring. It really builds the tension in the match and makes the hot tag that much more exciting.
  • Then the basic hot tag happens where both men crawl to their partners. Bate comes in, taking on both Forgotten Sons. The crowd doesn’t react as excited as the match warranted.
  • Tyler just shocks the hell out of everyone by holding both members of The Forgotten Sons on his shoulders for an airplane spin. Then hurricanrana’s both men at the same time. Then runs on the apron to hit a shooting star press to the outside. Bate then gets in the ring and hits a spiral tap….. JJJJEEEEEZZZZUUUSSS That was absolutely outstanding. Epic Cesaro on Raw levels of a sequence there.
  • Bate is single handedly dominating this match. Even throws Blake inside the ring, runs to the corner to tag back into the match. Ryker gets involved and takes out Bate while Seven is on the floor outside of the ring.
  • The Forgotten Sons hit a reverse DDT, top rope stomp for the win.

And I’m Like… The fan in me is very upset. Mustache Mountain kicks all kinds of ass and I wanted to see them against The War Raiders. Forgotten Sons winning really helps the team and doesn’t hurt Mustache Mountain at all. Great match either way.

Matt Riddle and Adam Cole get into an argument in the interview area of NXT over who is gonna be the next North American champion.

Bianca Belair vs. Io Shirai

Number One Contenders Match

  • Shayna Baszler is on commentary.
  • Io’s entrance song is a bop. I don’t get all of Io’s movements with her entrance, but I like it. Shayna calls her a nobody from Japan.
  • Speaking of bops. Bianca Belair still has one of the top songs in all of wrestling right now. Especially with her sassy stepping to the ring. Her entrance is an ENTIRE MOOD.
  • “Let’s Go Io/EST” dueling chants. Shayna says neither of these women are worthy to face her. Hasn’t put over these opponents at all.
  • Barely a feeling out process between Io and Bianca. There is high flying moves, counter wrestling and power moves as well. Strength vs. Speed is the story of the match and that was displayed early on in the match.
  • Belair proves to Shirai that they are even in agility and athleticism, when Bianca hits a standing moonsault for a two count.
  • Io hits a drop toe hold on Bianca, who must have thought she was closer to the middle rope than she was. Because Bianca face bumped HARD.
  • Io is on fire right now and was in complete control until she got whipped with Bianca’s hair. That move is such a game changer in a match.
  • Shirai sets up for a top rope huricanrana and slaps the hell out of Bianca. Then Shirai goes for a moonsault but taunts before hand. Bianca puts her knees up and both women are down.
  • Shayna Baszler runs to the ring and attacks both women. Kairi Sane comes out to save the day but gets choked out. Now Io went toe-to-toe with Baszler and ends up turning her back on Shayna. Shayna runs in the ring and chokes out Io.

And I’m Like… I would love for this four way feud to continue to build, add more women and end at War Games. 2019 is the year for an all woman’s War Games. Shayna is dominate, she bullies the woman’s division and usually comes out on top. So many women are valid contenders for the title too. Really great stuff to end a pretty good match.

Keith Lee and Dijakovic recap from two weeks ago. They wrestled to a double count out because they legit were trying to kill each other during that match. Last week they tried to fight at the Performance Center.

Shayna is interviewed outside. Baszler says she is proving that no one deserves to face her. Shayna hears that because of her actions, it’llbe a fatal four way match at Takeover. Shayna Baszler vs. Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair vs. Kairi Sane. That match will be a bitch to put together. Heaven help those women and whoever their agent is.

Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. #DIY

  • Full Sail doesn’t seem to sing Black’s theme song anymore. It’s weird that the crowd has evolved along with the brand. The NXT crowd from a few years ago is a far cry from the NXT of today. This crowd is more professional and don’t try to get themselves over. They have tons of energy but it is a different type of energy than the previous years of crowds.
  • Mauro says that Johnny’s wife Candice LaRae is against the pairing of Ciampa and Gargano. Johnny told her “don’t worry, I know what I’m doing”
  • Ciampa and Black start the match off against each other and they pick up right where they left off during their NXT Championship match. Black is able to gain control early on.
  • Ricochet and Johnny are both tagged in and do some great counter wrestling. The pick up right where they left off from their North American Championship match. Ricochet gains control early on.
  • Ricochet and Black both do their cool flip pose in the ring with the crowd chanting “Aleister/Ricochet”. Cool moment
  • The second act starts with Tommaso and Gargano picking apart Ricochet while taunting Aleister. It’s pretty sweet that Gargano and Ciampa busted out their old #DIY trunks.
  • Member when DIY used to #GloriousBomb Bobby Roode?
  • Ricochet is fighting hard to tag Aleister but DIY is too good. They have cut the ring in half and are doing frequent tags. Both men are keeping their energy while draining Ricochet’s.
  • Ricochet is able to innovate some offense and create an opening to get the hot tag.
  • Black comes in, but the crowd again doesn’t react much to it. They react to moments and moves very well, but not to basic match structure and storytelling. It’s weird.
  • DIY and Ricochet and Black are all over the place. Flips, leg slaps, kicks, everything you can think of is being busted out.
  • There is so much going on when the third act kicks in. DIY even hits their duel submissions that won them the tag team titles a few years ago. Ricochet is able to power out of Ciampa’s submission. Throwing Ciampa onto Gargano who had the Garga-NO escape on Aleister.
  • Johnny rolls outside of the ring, unable to stand on his own. Ciampa goes to check on him while a hush takes over the crowd.
  • Ciampa goes in the ring and strike battles Ricochet. The champ is able to go blow-for-blow with the one and only. After both men are laid out the crowd erupts in applause.
  • Johnny is crawling to the ring apron but is unable to make it to the apron for a tag.
  • Black gets tagged in and hits Black Mass on Tommaso, tags Ricochet in and Ricochet hits the 630 for the win!!

And I’m Like… I am very surprised. At the same time, why would Takeover not have an NXT Championship match? If DIY won, then Ciampa would have to either wrestle twice or not defend Goldie. As we now know Tommaso has had neck surgery, so it’s a good thing DIY got knocked out of the tournament anyways. A very fun match and a very good show once again.

Oh yeah… that happened to. Candice came out to help Johnny deal with his injury. Tommaso is holding Goldie while also showing compassion for his fallen comrade. The crowd is buying the injury hook line and sinker. Candice is keeping her distance from Ciampa as they both help Johnny walk to the back. The image of the original DIY break up is being reenacted. At the top of the ramp Johnny falls. Ciampa again tries to pick Gargano up. Ciampa goes to throw Gargano into the screen like last time. JOHNNY STOPS CIAMPA!! This as all a ruse!! Candice is in on the joke!!! Ciampa was played like a fool and Johnny finally gets the upperhand. FINALLY gets to outsmart Ciampa. The crowd erupts and I am head over heels with this layered, multi-year feud! Great shit.

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