Liv Morgan Didn’t Like Carmella Borrowing Her Real-Life Character

Carmella is from Massachusetts and has borrowed some real-life aspects of who Morgan is behind the scenes.

Enzo Amore talked about this on Title Match Wrestling, where he said Carmella is a great actress since she isn’t like that in real life. Liv Morgan is like that in real life, which Enzo knows as he dated her for a while.

“She’s a great actress. Let’s just be clear, the girl is from Massachusets. She’s a freaking Red Sox fan, I’m a Yankees fan.”

“I see that she’s ran with it and she’s done well with it. I’m not hating on it at all, bro. Wrestling is acting. Like, the Undertaker isn’t actually the Undertaker. She’s playing this character from Staten Island, right?”

“I mean to me the real her is Liv Morgan. Liv Morgan is from here. Where we are right now, North Jersey, that’s really her. I know it was difficult for [Morgan] in the beginning stages, watching Carmella doing her schtick knowing that she’s not from our area. But she made whatever happened to her work too because you know she got called up to the main roster too.”

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h/t to Ringside News for the transcription.